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As amazing as math teachers are, even they need good tools to be able to teach math better. Primary school math teachers are a different kind of hero. Because they’re dealt with arguably the hardest audience of all: young children who want to do nothing but play.

Math teachers need a tool that will help guarantee that their students are learning math. Not the normal math tools that children use, such as graphing calculators, but a tool specifically for math educators. That’s where Practicle comes in – the best all-in-one math solution for teachers and students alike.

Practicle is a gamified math learning app that allows primary school students to learn math in a fun and better way. In this blog post, we’ll go through Practicle’s primary features and benefits, detailing how the tool can benefit school teachers in math class. After using Practicle, math teachers can also teach smarter, not harder!

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Provides personalized practice questions using AI

Math teachers won’t need to worry about catering to each student’s learning pace; Practicle already does it for them! When students log into Practicle, the math learning game analyses each child’s math level using AI. They’ll use their problem solving skills on several math practice questions first before the app personalises each and every practice question afterward to cater to each students’ math learning level. For example, say your child is learning Primary 3 math, but they’re slower to understand fractions. Practicle’s AI will take note of this and will deliver math practice questions centered around fractions. Once students answer the questions correctly, the game will move on to other math formulas and symbols. Whether students learn math in a fast or slow manner, Practicle’s math questions will cater to them all!

Has a MOE-backed primary school syllabus

No more worrying about whether your math questions match with the right syllabus or not, because Practicle guarantees it! Practicle bases its questions on the primary school syllabus created by Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE). From Primary 1 to Primary 6, the game has covered every concept students will encounter across primary school. If you are assigned to teach several primary math level simultaneously, you won’t need to worry about mixing things up in math class either! Practicle remembers each student’s learning level after they log out, so all you need to do is have them continue where they left off and supervise their learning! No need to worry about getting different worksheets or books – you’ll find the resources for every concept you need right here with Practicle!

Tracks and reports students’ progress

When teachers use Practicle, they have access to a performance dashboard that tracks their students’ progress in the app. Through the dashboard, teachers can see which questions their students are stuck on and set personalized goals for each child. Practicle will also report students’ in-app activities, allowing teachers to personalize each child’s learning plan. No need to breathe down students’ necks every time they learn math, you can rest easy and let them have fun learning!

Offers pet avatars and prizes to make learning fun

Are you concerned students will not enjoy learning math? You won’t encounter that specific concern when you use Practicle. Because unlike most math tools or boring math worksheets, Practicle is designed as a game.  Since young children often want to play more than they want to learn, Practicle offers gaming features such as virtual pet avatars, quests, prizes, and scoreboards to make students want to keep learning. There’s a bunch of cute avatars to choose from, ranging from bunnies to cats, so you can bet that they’ll keep playing on and on!

Provides video explanations to help teach

It’s impossible to help every student at the same time, although teachers certainly do try. But why run yourself haggard while teaching when you can have online tools like Practicle help you take over the load? Apart from personalised questions, Practicle also provides detailed video explanations for each math concept that students learn, both in the app and in their Youtube channel. Using AI and engaging graphics, Practicle’s video tutorials help students get a better sense of what they’re trying to learn without having to call their teacher! Teachers won’t be exhausted in trying to teach every student. They can also rest easy, knowing that their students are still learning from the best!

Teach your students using Practicle!

By using Practicle, math teachers can obtain the assistance they require with teaching math, and students will still get the finest math learning experience possible! Children will also start loving math at a young age, which will enable them to enjoy learning all the way through high school math. Do you want to use the game in your classroom? To test it out for yourself, take advantage of our 7-day free trial.

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