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A math formula is a great help to students! They instruct students on how to quickly and easily solve all kinds of math problems. Think of them like cheat sheets, one that’s widely accepted and that everyone needs to know. In fact, several of these formulas can be useful in daily life as well! Although there are many different types of math formulas, this article will focus on some of the most popular ones that will be beneficial for students to be familiar with.

Percentage formula

The percentage formula is a math formula that calculates a certain part of a whole. In this case, the term “whole” is the number 100. A percentage refers to a number that is a fraction of 100, often followed by the percentage symbol (%). The formula itself requires multiplying the result by 100 after dividing the requested value by the entire value. In other words, the percentage formula can also be interpreted as: Percentage = needed value/total value x 100

Algebra formula

Algebra refers to mathematical problems that use letters to disguise unknown numbers, most commonly using the letters “a” to “c” and “x” to “z”. Use an algebra formula to solve those problems. Algebra formulas use common math symbols, such as addition and subtraction. Once you’re used to the letters, it’s actually pretty simple! Some of the most basic algebra formulas are listed below:

  • – y² = (x – y)(x + y)
  • (x + y)² = x² + 2xy + y²
  • (x – y)² = x² – 2xy + y²

Mean formula

Mean is another word for “average” in math equations. A mean formula seeks to find the average of the referred math problem. To calculate the mean of a math problem, you need to add all of the problem’s variables and divide the result by the number of variables listed. To put it simply, the mean formula refers to this: Mean = Sum of variables / Number of variables

Area and perimeter formula

Shapes use area and perimeter formulas. An area formula measures the space inside of a shape, by multiplying the shape’s length and width. Meanwhile, a perimeter formula calculates the outside of a shape, by adding the length of all sides. Since no two shapes are the same, the formula for each shape’s section also varies. Here’s a list of the most common shapes and their formulas: 

  1. Rectangle
    • Area = length x width
    • Perimeter = 2(length + width)
  2. Square
    • Area = sides²
    • Perimeter = 4 x sides
  3. Triangle
    • Area = ½ × base × height
    • Perimeter = base + side 1 + side 2

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These four math formulas are only several of numerous other formulas used in math. By becoming familiar with the formulas, starting with these basics, students will be able to see that math can be as easy as pie!  If you don’t know how to use these formulas, you can always try them out on Practicle’s gaming app! We offer daily practices based on your math level to help you master these formulas in no time. Try them out with our 7-day free trial today!

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