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Learn math the fun way

Forget about memorization and drilling.
Explore the world of math with virtual pets, quests, and awesome rewards!

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Binge-worthy math practice for your child

With Practicle’s math games for primary school, kids who used to dread practicing math had significant improvements in their attitudes and aptitudes, with just 15 minutes of daily practice.

Accessible anytime, anywhere, kids can practice and learn in small, manageable chunks. Pegged to their abilities as they build up their confidence and mastery over time.

They’re welcome to do more, and many often do, but we also advocate for healthy learning habits in order for sustainable progress.

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Virtual Pets. Quests. Prizes.

Make math practice an adventure!

As you solve problems in our math game for primary school, you’ll earn points, collect and customise virtual pets. Go on math quests by doing daily/weekly/monthly tasks. Even compete with your peers in a leaderboard if you’d like!

Through this, Practicle hopes to inculcate in kids the value that they need to put in effort to exchange for what they want.

It’s like an RPG, but for learning maths. There’s always something to look forward to when you log in.

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More than just a math playground

Within our math games we use data and AI to personalise your child’s learning plan from day to day.

With step-by-step solutions and guided video explanations, your child will never be left waiting for answers. Instead, they’ll become independent learners!

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No more problems with problem sums

From 68 to 97 marks - Cayden's grades dropped when he started P5 so his mum decided to try Practicle!

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