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About Practicle

What is Practicle Math?

Practicle is a fun and engaging math learning app for primary school kids aged 7-12.

👾 We use gamification to motivate your child to practice often.

🐰 We give them virtual pets and they can grow their collection as they practice.

🤖 And we use AI to tailor our questions to match their abilities so they can level up progressively!

What device does Practicle work on?

Practicle is browser-based app that works well with any internet browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

It is compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, as long as they can run an internet browser.

Practicle is currently optimized for Google Chrome, and is not supported on older versions of the Safari browser.

Our Math Content

Are Practicle’s Math questions aligned to any curriculum?

Yes! All our questions are based on Singapore’s math curriculum.

We are aligned with MOE’s syllabus, and our app has been endorsed by Education Alliance of Finland for educational quality and effectiveness.

What kind of Math questions can I expect my child to be doing on Practicle?

The same kind of questions that appear in your child’s math school homework, tests, and exams.

Your child will get a nice balance of multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions, and word problems.

We have questions for all levels and abilities — our system will choose the perfect difficulty for your child to progressively improve their math skills over time!

What kind of top school exam paper questions can I practice on?

We have questions that are adapted from Nanyang Primary, Rosyth School, ACS, St Nicholas Girls’, Nan Hua Primary, and many more.

Our question bank is constantly updated with the latest and greatest questions for your child to practice on!

Are the Math questions updated?

Yes! We update our question bank every school term, so your child will get a variety of questions that follow exam trends.

What are some examples of Math concepts/heuristics that are covered?

Our questions and video explanations cover the full spectrum of concepts and heuristics your child needs to ace their school work and exams.

To name a few:

Remainder Concept, Gap and Difference, Patterns, and more

Model drawing, unit methods, working backwards, and more For the full list, check out our math heuristics guide!

Are there answers for every question?

Yes! Every question your child does in Practicle comes with 2 kinds of answers:

1. Step-by-step written explanations
2. Video explanations

Not to toot our own horn, but our students often write in to us to thank us for explaining the solutions to them in a way that makes it easy for them to understand. That’s what we pride ourselves on! 🙂

What are video explanations?

These are videos we make that explain math concepts or solutions to math problems.

They are mainly found in 2 places: our YouTube channel, and in our app. Check out one of our video explanations here!

Do you have video explanations for every question?

Almost every question! Questions that do not yet have a video explanation will have at least a step-by-step written explanation.

If your child needs a video explanation for any question, they can always send us a request in the system and we will record one for you as soon as we can!

This is subject to demand, so usually the most highly requested ones will be attended to first. You can let us know if it is urgent, though!

Do I have access to contents from other levels?

Yes! All paid accounts on Practicle come with unlimited access to content in all primary levels.

Using Practicle

Can I use Practicle to help my child prepare for their school exam?

Absolutely. Our content is aligned with MOE’s math curriculum and includes questions from top school exam papers.

You can set goals such as a target score for an upcoming math exam, and our system will customise a training plan based on your starting point (current score).

Unlike traditional methods such as assessment books, Practicle personalises questions instantly.

Rest assured knowing that they are not spending time on questions they are already good at, or doing questions that are too difficult for the time being.

Can I review past mistakes?

Yes. Every question you’ve done is stored in your account and you can review them anytime along with their worked solutions and video explanations.

What if my child can’t solve a problem?

Every question comes with detailed, step-by-step solutions.

If they need extra help, they can watch a video explanation (recorded by our teachers) that will walk them through the steps.

They can also request for an additional video explanation, and we’ll make one for them!

How does my child do their workings?

They can do it in a notebook and input their final answer into our system or input their working into our system.

Encouraging your child to input their working into our system will help with their revision and also train them up in their typing skills.

How will Practicle know which step I got wrong?

When your child answers a question wrongly, our system will look into the skills required to answer that question correctly.

Then, it will test those skills with other questions.

Very quickly, it will detect your child’s weak skills and give more (relevant) questions for your child to practice those skills.

Do I have access to contents from other levels?

Yes, all paid accounts come with unlimited access to all primary school levels.

How does Practicle make sure that my child truly understands?

As teachers with over a decade of experience, we know how to test a child’s understanding of a subject.

So we built a comprehensive skill scoring system in our app to measure your child’s performance!

Practicle will give your child a variety of questions from each topic. If they can answer those questions accurately, quickly, and consistently, they have truly mastered that topic!

Is Practicle suitable for my child?

My child is studying Foundation Math. Can he/she use Practicle?

Yes, they can! Our system uses AI to detect your child’s current ability, what skills they need to work on, and then automatically selects questions that are the perfect level of difficulty for them.

This is so they can stretch their skills gradually and build confidence over time without feeling overwhelmed.

Can Practicle replace tuition?

It depends on your child’s personality and preference.

With Practicle, children are definitely more inclined to practice math regularly.

Practicle can replace traditional mediums like assessment books and top school exam papers. Our app has questions like these, except they’re more personalised, engaging, and effective. 🥳

In some cases, tuition might still be a relevant option and can be used to complement Practicle.

We know that each child is different and has different needs. If you want some advice, please feel free to contact us!

My child already has tuition. Should I still get Practicle?

Practicle is a great complement to tuition. With Practicle, your child can learn at their own pace anytime, anywhere. You can use it as a daily revision tool on top of the weekly tuition sessions so they’ll be more ready.

Tutors are also using Practicle to help them focus on the right areas for their students — our AI can detect specific weaknesses and match questions to their students’ abilities.

Want your tutor to try using Practicle with your child? Contact us to arrange a demo!

Why should I choose Practicle?

You can think about this in 3 ways.

1. Out of all the options today, which one is your child most likely to enjoy and continue using?

2. How relevant is the content to what they’re learning in school?

3. How effective is it?

Our app makes math practice a fun experience — collect virtual pets, go on quests, challenge friends to math duels… Many kids love Practicle for this.

Our content is aligned with MOE’s syllabus and you’re getting a huge library of questions including ones from top school papers.

We were certified by an external party (Education Alliance of Finland) for educational quality and effectiveness.

We’re confident that you and your child will like Practicle. 😊

Practicle vs Koobits — How are they different?

Our students get questions that are more well-suited to their current abilities and aimed at improving their weaknesses progressively and sustainably.

We prioritise deep understanding of concepts and heuristics, which your child can then easily and broadly apply to a wide range of problems, even curveball questions that they might encounter in exams.

We also walk them through the solutions in detail so they’ll develop their critical thinking skills along the way!

Practicle vs Superstar teacher — How are they different?

Practicle’s content is highly personalised.

Our system is great at assessing each and every child’s abilities, identifying learning gaps, and selecting the right mix of questions.

Your child’s math results will improve much faster through targeted practice!

Practicle vs Kumon — How are they different?

Practicle focuses more on word problems / problem sums. Many primary school children struggle with this type of questions, so we designed our system to help them develop the skills they need to solve such problems easily.|

We are a fully-online learning platform that can personalise our questions for your child, instantly mark questions, and provide solutions with working in 2 main forms: step-by-step written workings, and video explanations.

Practicle vs Geniebook — How are they different?

Geniebook’s questions come in the form of digital worksheets.

Practicle’s questions come in the form of a game-like environment, where students earn points and collect virtual pets for practicing.

Many children have likened Practicle to “playing a game” and look forward to it. If your child has anxiety about math, they might feel better about it by “playing” Practicle!


How do I make a payment? Is it safe?

Free Trial
You don’t have to enter any payment information yet. You can log in later on to upgrade your plan.

Paid Plans
Simply enter your payment information during registration like you would with most online purchases. We accept all major credit and debit cards!

Payment Platform
Stripe is one of the most secure payment gateways in the world. It is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Your online transactions are well protected.

What if I don’t have a credit card? Are there any other payment options?

Yes. You can also make payment via:
• Internet bank transfer
• PayNow / PayLah
• Cheque

Email us or call us to make the necessary arrangements.

Please note that these form of payments are only available for yearly plans.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. You can pause/cancel your subscription anytime within our system or by contacting us through email or call.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes! You can sign up for a free trial here. No payment information required. Try it out with your child and see if you like it!

Do I pay monthly or yearly?

We have both monthly and yearly options.

To keep payment hassle-free, we will automatically renew your subscription at the end of every month. We will also send you an email with the details after each payment.

Is there a lock-in period?

Nope! You can upgrade/downgrade/pause/cancel/pause your plan anytime!

What if I subscribe to the annual plan in the middle of the year?

The extra number of months will be brought forward to the following year. If your child is in Primary 6, you can contact us and we’ll pro-rate your payment.

When can I start using Practicle after payment?

Instantly. Just log in and start practising!