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Turn confusion into clarity

Math is easier when what you learn “clicks". Our videos can help with that.

Video Explanations

100s of hours of learning content that's
not only educational, but entertaining.

Learn more about why children and parents are raving about Practicle’s math vision through video explanations and guided solutions. We’ll support their learning when they can’t solve the problem. Above all, they don’t have to wait for the next class/tuition to ask their teachers!

Short and sweet



Master math heuristics with the power of visual aids

From bar modelling to deductive reasoning, your child will learn in the long run powerful techniques to visualise and solve math problems with ease. Our videos are used by Singapore Ministry of Education in the national LMS (Student Learning Space, SLS).

On top of that, we worked closely with the Curriculum Planning and Development Division (CPDD) to develop the videos.

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Turn confusion into clarity

We use proven frameworks and strategies for teaching our math vision in our videos. Every single video breaks down the learning content into simple steps with interesting examples.

In effect, students reach out to tell us that our videos helped them understand concepts they’ve been struggling with.

Rather than rote memorisation, they’ll learn to develop their thinking processes and extrapolate all in all that to future problems.

Kid-friendly Videos

Build a firm foundation at your own pace.

Whether you want to motivate your child to learn math, or push them to stretch their skills, our video guides will pique their interest. Our videos are fun and concise, giving them as a result the right amount of information without losing their interest.

We are a math practice platform where kids can work on problems in a fun and supported environment. Accessible anytime, anywhere, kids can practice and learn in small, manageable chunks. They'll build up their confidence and mastery over time!

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Real story

No more problems with problem sums

From 68 to 97 marks - Cayden's grades dropped when he started P5 so his mum decided to try Practicle!

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