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Introducing RAE, your
child’s A.I. math tutor

Let our Reflexive Adaptive Engine (RAE)
learn your child’s math competency and
tailor questions to improve their weak areas.

Your personal math coach

With RAE, your child will neither be bored nor intimidated.

With our math tuition alternative, gone are the days where your child is under-stretched by generic questions that are too easy,
or overstretched with questions that are too difficult.




Everything you’ll get from tuition,

except it’s instant.

Log in whenever you’re ready to start practicing,
and get access to a vast library of questions, step-by-step solutions, and guided video explanations.
Learn the latest math heuristics and higher-order thinking skills required to be exam-ready.

Aligned to Singapore MOE math curriculum, endorsed by Education Alliance of Finland.

Math AI
Track and improve

Keep track of what you need to improve on.

No more wasting your time on topics your child is already good at. Hone in on topics they’re weak at.

Set goals, start practicing track progress, optimize, repeat.

Use our performance dashboard to track how your child is progressing towards their goals.

You’ll receive a report after each practice so you know how your child is performing.

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More than just grades

Nurture healthier learning habits

Stuck? Learn independently with our video explanations and step-by-step solutions. Need more help? Send us a message anytime to clarify your doubts!

Instead of merely marking your child’s answers and moving on, we encourage them to reflect on their mistakes so that they can avoid repeating them next time.

This feedback not only helps our system understand your child better, it also teaches them to be more aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.

Every practice is a win

Look forward to practicing!

Practicle turns math questions from schools and exams into a fun practice experience that you’ll enjoy.

Not only do we reward students who answer questions correctly or level up, we also recognize students who reach smaller goals, like practicing consistently!

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Experience Practicle free, no commitment no hidden cost no lock-in

Try our learning platform free with a 7 day trial
and see if your child likes it.

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Real story

No more problems with problem sums

From 68 to 97 marks - Cayden's grades dropped when he started P5 so his mum decided to try Practicle!

Read Cayden's story