"Seeing engaged kids learn happily is what makes us tick!"

– Co-founders of Practicle, Chongming and Eileen

Meet the Team



Being a primary school teacher for more than a decade, Eileen understands how personal attention can make a huge difference to a child’s success.

Determined to make quality learning more accessible, she started Practicle with her co-founder to help more children achieve success and be happy lifelong learners.



Chongming is an ex-game development lecturer who is well-known for his engaging lessons and sense of humor.

After seeing how higher engagement helps his students learn better and achieve more than they normally would, he decides to build Practicle to help more children enjoy learning and spur them to greater heights.

A note to parents

Dear parents,

Ever wondered when you can stop worrying about your child?

You’re not alone. Every child can blossom.

Most of the time, the question is when and how.

We hope that Practicle can help make that sooner. Never underestimate how much faster your child can pick up something when they are motivated. (I’m sure we’ve all seen that with computer games.)

Practicle is powered by the giggles of children when they are having fun and the “aha” moments when they are learning. We work hard every day to help every child feel smarter and more confident, and we do it because we believe that every child deserves to be successful in life regardless of their starting point, economic background, and ability.

We hope that by blending smart technology and adding in that human touch, we can help more children master what is required in school, without the anxiety, without the stress.

Join us on a wonderful Math learning journey and support your child’s education better. For your young ones, we doubt they’ll know how much they are learning on Practicle, well, at least until they see that Math exam score!

, Eileen and Chongming

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