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Primary School Math Made Easy

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, RAE makes Practicle’s assessment book SMART, tailoring to every kid’s needs!

Increase Understanding

A good teacher understands each child’s strengths and learning abilities. They make sure each child can understand and apply what they’ve learnt.

See how RAE does that through personalized learning

Build Character

Developing the right studying habits and attitude is important for a child to go far. We recognise that and make sure they are future-ready.

Learn more about RAE, the life coach

Reduce Stress

Being a parent is rewarding and stressful at times. What if some things can get done magically and you suddenly have extra time to spare?

Discover how RAE makes parenting easier

91.2% of our Primary School Kids Enjoy Math

More Than Before!

See what our parents think:

The motivation and desire that spurs from doing the daily questions is something that I have never seen. For the first time, Leia is very positively motivated by herself and that's pretty amazing!

Leia's Mummy

Primary 4 Parent

We could see James has been motvated to practice Math much more frequently than the past, and truly improving during this short stint of time.

James' daddy

Primary 5 Parent

Math was my worst subject but I like doing Math on Practicle because it is less stressful than doing assessment books and feels like a game. It is very exciting when I know I can earn experience points and win prizes.


Primary 6 Student

The questions were so funny. Doing them don't feel as stressful.


Primary 6 Student

Cayden was not coping well with the word problem sums this year. He scored 68 for his SA1 Exam. We then decided to let him try (since he doesn't like tuition). In SA2, he scored 97! We were amazed of the great improvement and very happy for him. He had also won a Nintendo Switch for himself. Thank you,!

Cayden's Mummy

Primary 5 Parent

Practicle has helped to motivate her practice Maths. I noticed her accuracy had improved based on your past year school test paper's questions. Some of the questions are so creative and amusing!

Janelle's Mummy

Primary 6 Parent

My son has a different mode of learning. He doesn't like writing and it's fascinating for me to see he enjoys typing his workings on Practicle. I thought Aaryan was playing computer games again when he used my handphone...can't believe my son was really doing Math questions like he said. Thanks to his teacher for introducing Practicle to him!

Aaryan's Mummy

Primary 6 Parent

How It Works

1. Do Questions Online

RAE monitors how well they do

2. Stuck?

View a detailed worked solution/ video explanation

2. Done?

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