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A.I. Powered Adaptive Online Primary School Math Practice

We are the only adaptive learning solution in Singapore certified by Education Alliance Finland for high quality in Learning Science principles and Pedagogy.

Education Alliance Finland Certified

Pinpoint and Close Learning Gaps Quickly

Practicle uses A.I. to automatically assign the work that your child needs based on the things that they got wrong or took a long time to solve. Does your Math assessment book or tuition worksheets do that?

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Fully-aligned with MOE Math Curriculum

Practicle’s Math content is designed by Certified Primary School Educators. Our Mathematics curriculum covers over 300 Math skills and we focus on problem-solving and the critical thinking aspects which trains kids to solve Problem Sums.

Primary school Math curriculum vetted by teachers

Deep Gamification that Motivates and Engages Math Learners

Practicle’s supportive environment encourages kids to have fun while learning Mathematics online. Our gamification goes beyond just earning points for rewards. Collect pets and accessories, level up, and duel friends!

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Trains Attitude, Character and Habits

Besides helping your child improve at their own pace, Practicle helps them develop the habit of bite-sized daily revision & build character to keep them future-ready.

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Stay Involved Easily with Real-time Insights to Your Child’s Learning

Always be updated about how your child is progressing in their Math learning with our timely reports sent to your inbox.

Helping parents keep track of child's progress for Singapore Math

Why Primary School Parents & Kids Chose Practicle Math

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