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Learn how a student improves from 68 to 97 marks in 3 months

Be it Problem Sums, Rate & Speed, or the Assumption Method, let our intelligent system pin-point your child’s weaknesses and help them improve with laser-sharp focus.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Practice on the go at your child's convenience



Don't copy what others are doing. Focus on what your child needs.



Improve faster by doing less. Give your child their childhood back.



Plays like a game, with experience, levels, and rewards.



Our plans start from just $8.29 per month. Videos from $1.00 each.



Improve at least one grade, or we will give you a full refund.

Tackle the Right Problem

Your child took a test of 7 questions in 20 minutes. They got the last 2 questions wrong. However, they spent 10 minutes on the 3rd question, and only 1 minute each on the last two. Where do their real weakness(es) lie?

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If you waste time fixing something that is not broken, then what is broken does not get fixed.

Synergy Leverage on both

Tech + Heart

We recognize that certain things are best done by computers, while other things are best performed by people.

We let computers do all the tracking, processing, and analyses.

For teaching and content, we leverage on the creativity and passion of teachers.

Our system is heavily based on prevailing educational research.

Motivate Teach Your Child

The Right Attitude

Let your child earn their daily screen time by doing questions and earning points for rewards, all within Practicle.

Help your child learn that they need to exchange effort for what they want.

The tougher the question, the more Thinky Points awarded.

You will be notified of all redemptions by email.

Optimize Make full use of The

Reflexive Adaptive Engine™

Let the RAE learn your child's weaknesses and strengths and give them only the questions that matter.

Your child's performance is compared against all their peers in the system.

Performance analysis on skills and concepts based on MOE's latest syllabus.

The RAE will choose questions just within your child's reach and guide them towards mastery.

Effective The Right

Way to Learn

Recent research has shown that studying, just like eating and exercising, are best broken up into small, frequent chunks.

Instead of one 2-hour studying session a week, do 15-min sessions daily.

Questions are distributed to help your child retain all their memory over time.

Wrongly answered questions are resurfaced automatically at the right time for revision.

Gamified When Learning

Feels like Playing

Your child will learn better, and be more open to working on those questions every night.

Practicle is infused with many game mechanics to encourage children to work.

Pokemon? Batman? Our questions are contextualized with contexts that your child would understand and enjoy.

Let your child study voluntarily!

What our Parents Say


Cayden was not coping well with the word problem sums this year. He scored 68 for his SA1 Exam. We then decided to let him try (since he doesn't like tuition). In SA2, he scored 97! We were amazed of the great improvement and very happy for him. He had also won a Nintendo Switch for himself. Thank you,!

Cayden's Mother

Primary 5 Parent

Practicle has helped to motivate her practice Maths. Keeping my fingers crossed on her Maths test results... her accuracy had improved based on past year school test paper practice. Some of the questions are so creative and amusing!

Janelle's Mother

Primary 6 Parent

I thought he was playing games again as he kept using my handphone. That's why I went closer to see and I realized he was actually doing Math questions to gain experience points! Thanks to his teacher for introducing it to him!

Aaryan's Mother

Primary 6 Parent
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