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What is Practicle?

Practicle is a fun gamified online Math learning system that helps primary school kids (aged 7 to 12) learn  Mathematics according to their strengths and be exam-ready.

Practicle Math game for fun learning online
Practicle online Math game for primary school kids

Feel motivated to

revise Math everyday

Stop nagging your child about Math revision!

As your child is actively engaged in playing our Math game, they are learning what they need for school and getting exam-ready.

Kids learning Math at their own pace

Learn according to

your own strengths

Improve with every Math question instantly!

Our intelligent system selects questions according to your child’s weaknesses so that they can brush up on what they need for school.

Making Math fun and easy with games
Practicle Math videos to help kids learn Math

Simplifying problem sums

with Math videos

Understand any difficult Math concepts easily with our clear, step by step videos.

We break down complex problems into simple ideas so that children can learn on their own when they get stuck.

Globally recognized. Results guaranteed.

Join 1,000s of children all over the world to get world-class education for a brighter future today.

students improved 1 grade or more
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How Practicle is improving the lives of parents and children

The motivation and desire that spurs from doing the daily questions is something that I have never seen. For the first time, Leia is very positively motivated by herself and that's pretty amazing!

Leia's motherPrimary 4 Parent

We could see James has been motivated to practise Math much more frequently than the past and truly improving during this short stint of time.

James' FatherPrimary 5 parent

Cayden was not coping well with word problems this year. He scored 68 for this SA1 exam. We then tried Practicle. In SA2, he scored 97! We were amazed of the great improvement and very happy for him.

Cayden's motherPrimary 5 Parent

Practicle has helped to motivate my girl practice Math. I noticed that her accuracy had improved based on your past year school test paper's questions. Some of the questions are so creative and amusing!

Janelle's motherPrimary 6 Parent

Certified by renowned education experts.

Practicle has been certified by Education Alliance Finland for high education quality according to global standards and has also proven to promote learning efficiently for children.
Education Alliance Finland Certified

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