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Buying the adequate primary school math book for your child can be challenging when there is large selection to choose from. For most parents, the concern doesn’t lie solely on the possibility of wasting money. With the PSLEs coming up, they want their child to be as prepared as possible for the exam. Don’t worry, because this article will provide 5 helpful tips for getting the best Singapore math textbook suited for your child.

Math Assessment Book

Know the right math textbook for your child!

Before you purchase any textbooks for your child, you should consider what type of textbooks is best suited for them. The three primary categories of math textbooks or materials are listed below.

Topical math books

These books are categorised by topics in the same order as what is taught in primary school. The mathematical problems in these math rule books are usually basic and repetitive. These books are suitable for children to have a set of practice problems for each week. If your child wants to have a better understanding of mathematics or needs to know more about the math rules, including the number sense, these books are perfect for them.

Heuristics, a challenging math book approach

In terms of difficulty, these books are slightly more advanced. They tend to focus more on challenging math word problems and equations. These textbooks are perfect if your child already has a strong foundation in primary school mathematics and wants a better math enrichment experience. They can also apply what they learnt to solve harder math problems, develop logic and reasoning skills as well as problem solving skills.

Exam papers/Practice papers

Exam or practice papers are technically not assessment books in the traditional sense, but they are ideal for honing your child’s abilities. You can utilise the questions on these papers, which cover a wide range, to get a fast idea of how your child might perform on a real test. If the PSLEs are coming up, it’s also great to have a list of math problems ready to practice on! You can assess your child’s knowledge by giving approximately 25 weekly math problems for them to practice on. This also helps build their self confidence for the exam.

Math Formula

Find a relevant, up-to-date textbook!

Make sure to choose a textbook that adheres to the most recent Singapore MOE math curriculum. It’s crucial to ensure that your child’s math practice and what they learn at school are perfectly aligned. Here are some factors you need to consider to find relevant textbooks:

  • Check the book’s publish date and year
  • Ask your child’s teachers on which book to buy
  • Ask your child if the content is similar to what they learn in class

Consider what your child can get out of the textbook

When choosing a math textbook for your child, it is important to select one that is of high quality and will best aid in their learning. Before you buy a book, look through its contents to see if it provides helpful notes and solutions. An effective math book should have straightforward instructions and solutions that are easy to understand. Unless you have seen the material offered in a book, also avoid buying it online.

Should I buy popular assessment books that are recommended by other parents?

Getting recommendations from fellow parents is great when you have no clue what to get. However, popular assessment books do not work for every child. Assessment books are written for the masses. Choosing the best math assessment book for your child still boils down to your understanding of your child’s needs. And more importantly, how willing your child is to complete the assessment books.

Make sure your child will actually use the math book

According to a survey done by OpenSchoolbag in 2016, children complete 60% of their assessment books on average. Some parents even reported completion rate as low as 10% to 15%. So, the challenge is not buying the best textbook, but making sure your child actually uses it to the fullest. Involve your child in the selection process and get an engaging assessment book so that they’ll feel motivated to do it. When your child likes the book and knows that they have chosen it themselves, they’re more likely to follow through and practice on their own without much prompting.

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