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Every child would have heard of the legendary Virtual Pet Games called “Pokémon”. It feels so fun and rewarding to collect cool pets who accompany you alongside your journey. What if there was another game similar to Pokemon’s concept, but one where you could also study while playing? Intriguing, isn’t it?  Find out more about Practicle, a game where you can collect legendary pets to accompany your math journey here! 

Practicle in a nutshell

Long story short, Practicle is one of the virtual pet games to learn math for primary students. It’s not news to say that a lot of students are having a rough time with math, being one of the hardest subjects at school. This is especially prevalent for students who find it difficult to pay attention to teachers at school or follow along the flow of the class. We all know that one single teacher cannot accommodate the needs of 20 to 40 students in class. Everyone has a different starting point and studying capabilities.  Well, Practicle is here to fill that gap! Suitable for students who don’t really fit into the conventional way of learning, Practicle allows students to ‘indirectly’ learn. Indirectly, because it doesn’t feel like studying when you’re playing Practicle. There are a lot of cases where our students binge-play Practicle for hours because they want to get new virtual pets. We don’t really recommend binge-playing, but it just proves how this new method of learning through playing games can be a very effective way to make you study!

Addicting Virtual Pet Games

How does Practicle get so many students hooked on playing it consistently? Just like in Pokemon where you play to collect pokeballs, students play Practicle to collect new or rare pets. In order to achieve that, you have to finish daily quests, or you can simply answer many questions correctly to get in-game currency to purchase the pets. The quest system makes it so that you will log in everyday and finish the quest, unconsciously training your math skills on a daily basis.  The key to practicing math is actually exercising math questions and problems consistently, since you will remember easier and get used to answering it. After finishing a daily quest, usually students will wait for another day to avoid burning out from practicing too much. That way, you can gain Thinkies (in-game currency) consistently to get the pet of your desire.  This virtual pet browser game can be an amazing complementary method to your studies by boosting your motivation to learn more in order to collect new, exclusive pets. Curious? Take a look at our world of pets below!

Take a look at Practicle’s extensive virtual pet collection!

Practicle’s virtual pet collection consists of 4 types: bear, bunny, kitty, and puppy. The picture above shows the most basic pets you can get in game, which are the all-white, simple, and adorable looking pets. Of course, there are more variants in each type of pet and you can collect them based on your preferences. You can always check out the pet encyclopedia to see the full list of pets. Who knows, there might be your dream pet that you want to get! 

Collect virtual pets of different rarity!

We don’t just have different types of pet, but the pets are also categorized into different levels of rarities! Higher rarity naturally means that the pets are much harder to get. The higher the rarity is, the stronger they are when they go into battle as they have higher stats than those with lower rarity. Rarer pets will also look more unique, with more details to its appearance. 

  • Common

    Common pets are easier to purchase and require very little Thinkies to purchase. You can buy them immediately at the shop without much fuss. They’re the most basic pet you can get in game and its looks are quite minimalistic, but still hold that cuteness value to it. This is definitely the perfect pet for beginners and newbies in Practicle. 

  • Special

    Slightly rarer than the common pets, you cannot directly purchase special pets in the in game store. You have to purchase the special pet through the “Special Egg” which gives you a random special pet. They cost only 2000 Thinkies & 3 Stars, an amount that is manageable for many players. You can also get them through “Pet Fusion”, where you combine the necessary pets to get the pet that you want. 

  • Rare

    Similar to the special pets, it’s only accessible through purchasing “Rare Egg” and “Pet Fusion”. It’s more difficult to grind for rare pets as it costs 3500 Thinkies and 5 Stars. 

  • Legendary

    This is the hardest to get among them all – legendary pets! They’re the most exclusive pet you can get, and you have the right to show off to your friends if you obtain a pet this rare. They’re more than twice as expensive as rare pets, costing you 8000 Thinkies and 10 Stars just for the egg. Legendary pets are definitely a strong unit when you place them into battle, making them worth all your hard work to purchase them. 

  • Event only

    Although technically they’re still categorized as legendary pets, they are very special and cannot be gained through usual means. They’re very limited edition and aren’t always available to get, appearing in certain times only. In the picture, you can see “Ang Bao Bunny”, a bunny that only appears during Chinese New Year to celebrate the holiday. If you think getting a legendary pet is hard, well this one is much harder and more exclusive than that! 

Try Practicle now!

After learning all kinds of pets that are available in Practicle, aren’t you excited to try it out? You can always try out the 7-day free trial here. There are going to be more types of pets in the future, so stay tuned for the updates! 

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