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PSLE Math Score: 5 Ways to Improve it

If you’re looking to improve your child’s PSLE math score, you’ve come to the right place! The primary school leaving examination (PSLE) math paper is not something you should take lightly. You’ll need to prepare your child to the best of your ability in order to tackle the PSLE math questions and have them come out as the winner. In this article, we’ll share 5 helpful tips to help your child get a good score for their math PSLE paper exam. By learning these tips, your child will have a better chance of scoring the grade they need to get into their dream secondary school!

Tip #1: Understand your child’s learning style

Before you think about how to improve your child’s math PSLE score, you need to first understand their learning level. Getting a good grasp of your child’s math level will help you form a better study plan that will help them succeed in not only PSLE maths, but other PSLE subjects as well! To start, try looking through past math papers and observe your child’s scores from each exam. Focus on the questions that they had difficulty with first. Teach your child the difficult concepts repeatedly until they understand using practice questions and quizzes. Then, move on to the next concept and repeat until your child is confident in doing the exam.

Tip #2: Improve your child’s number sense

Another tip to improve your child’s PSLE score is by improving their number sense. This can be done by pointing out at the math around them and see how numbers work in daily life. Let’s use the 2021 PSLE coin question as an example, where two people have a mix of 20-cent coins and 50-cent coins. We’re given the number of coins a person has and the mass of their entire coin collection. If your child knew the sizes of 20-cent coins and 50-cent coins in real life and had experience in comparing their values beforehand, they can easily solve the question. It won’t be hard to determine which person in the question had the most amount of money either.

Tip #3: Teach your child consistent learning!

You can’t just sit still and hope that your child will have better PSLE math scores on their own. You need to put in the hard work to make it a reality! A good study habit to have in this case is teaching your child to be consistent in learning! Plan a study routine that fits their learning style and teach your child to stick to it. Whether it means spending 15 minutes every day practicing Math or only studying it on certain days, a routine will increase your child’s chances to understanding math quickly!

Tip #4 : Reduce your child’s careless mistakes

Losing marks because of a careless mistake is sometimes the worst feeling in the world. To avoid your child experiencing the shame, teach them to always check, check, and re-check! You can start small by having your child practice checking their homework or assignments. Remind them to double check all of their answers before submitting their work. If they answered some questions wrong, let them know the right answer and have them do it again. Double checking and revision are the key to scoring well in any exam! Repeat this action until your child can check their answers without being prompted. This way, they will have less of a chance to lose a point in their PSLEs due to a careless mistake.

Tip #5: Have them think outside the box

There is no fixed way to solve a problem in math. No matter what the question is, you can always think of more than one solution to solve it. So, the last tip is to teach your child to think outside the box! Always have your child consider different angles to a math problem and how to solve it. You can start simple by practicing on a basic math question before levelling up to more difficult PSLE math questions. By not limiting your child to fixed math solutions, they will think more critically on their approach to solve problems in the PSLEs!

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With these 5 study tips, you can help your child have a higher chance of getting good PSLE results and getting into the best secondary school! If you want to know the mark ranges for secondary schools in Singapore and have a score calculator to predict those marks, you can check out MOE’s page here. You can also find out about the PSLE scoring system and how the subjects will be scored using the achievement level (AL) system here! If your child needs a platform to practice math on, try using Practicle’s math learning game! With our MOE curriculum-based and EAF-certified quizzes, your child will practice with the best of the best. You can try out our 7-day free trial to know more!

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