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Conquer problem sums

Survive the Primary 4 to 5 learning gap

About Practicle

Practicle is a Math Practice Website where kids can work on problems in a fun and supported environment. Accessible anytime, anywhere, kids can practice and learn in small, manageable chunks pegged to their abilities, to build up their confidence and mastery over time.

Practicle also gamifies the practice experience. Kids who work on questions in Practicle earn “Experience Points?and also earn “Thinky Points? Which they can then use to claim additional rewards from their parents. Through this, Practicle hopes to inculcate in kids the value that they need to put in effort to exchange for what they want.

Our Math Playground consists of 3 main pillars:

– Gamification to make practicing/learning fun, grab children’s attention, let them want to do questions on their own accord.

– AI to place their efficacies in Math and let them practice at their current level to achieve “flow” state, diagnose their their learning gap so that we can fix the foundational problems before going to the next steps.

– Videos to help them learn when they can’t solve the problem and don’t have to wait for the next class/tuition to ask their teachers