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PSLE Math: Everything You Need To Know

What are the PSLE exams?

Singapore’s Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a series of exams that determine whether or not students are ready to graduate from primary school.

The PSLE exam is the first thing on every parent’s mind when their child reaches their last year in primary school in Singapore, or Primary 6.

The topics and concepts discussed, especially in the later years of primary school, make up a large part of the legendary exams.

PSLE Math, in particular, is known to be the exam that parents worry about the most. The PSLE Math paper includes tough math questions that students often struggle against. This section of the PSLE exam is known to be the cause for many students’ low PSLE grade.

But with the right knowledge and study plan, parents can help their child solve the tough PSLE Maths questions with ease.

In this page, we’ll explain about the PSLE Math exam, its common math questions, as well as how to help your child pass it!

Let’s overcome the PSLE Math exam together!

About PSLE Math


The PSLE Math exam is one of four subjects that Singapore’s Ministry of Education tests against to determine students’ eligibility to pass into secondary school.

Many of its exam questions center around several math concepts and topics that have been taught repeatedly over the course of students’ primary school journey.

The math concepts from the primary school syllabus that are tested in the PSLE Maths are:

  • Numbers & Algebra
  • Whole numbers
  • Decimals
  • Measurement & Geometry
  • Fractions
  • Ratio
  • Percentage
  • Speed
  • Statistics
  • Data analysis (e.g bar models and picture graphs)

The PSLE Math exam format has two sections: Math Paper 1 and Math Paper 2.

Math Paper 1 focuses on straightforward math questions that do not require the use of calculators.

The paper includes two booklets, which are Booklet A and Booklet B. Booklet A centers on multiple choice questions (MCQ) whereas Booklet B utilizes short answer questions.

Meanwhile, Math Paper 2 involves complex word problem sums, with some of its calculations requiring calculators to solve.

The paper has no booklet, only offering 17 short answer and long answer questions. But students are known to struggle with the math problems in this section the most.

The total amount of time to finish Math Paper 1 (1 hour) and Math Paper 2 (1 hour and 30 minutes) is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Students and parents should also be mindful of the PSLE scoring system to know the grade they should achieve.

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PSLE Math Question Examples


The PSLE Math exam includes multiple choice questions (MCQ), short answer questions, and long answer questions.

The math exam questions differ every year. However, the questions that stumped most students are often word problem sum questions.

Here are several difficult PSLE Math exam questions in past papers:

  • Helen and Ivan coin question (PSLE Math 2021)

Helen and Ivan have the same total number of coins. Each child has a mix of 20-cent coins and 50-cent coins. Ivan has 104 twenty-cent coins, but Helen has 64 twenty-cent coins. Helen’s coins also weigh a total mass of 1.134 kg.

a) Which child possesses the most amount of money? How much more did the person have?

b) If a fifty-cent coin is 2.7g heavier than a twenty-cent coin, what is the mass of Ivan’s coins in kilograms?

This 2021 math question stumped so many students that it even got on the news!

Don’t worry, this question requires only a few steps for students to solve.

  • Pattern question (PSLE Math 2020)

Anna has a roll of tap with stars and hearts printed on it. The shapes follow a pattern as shown in the picture below. She then cuts a piece of tap from the roll. 

If there are 135 stars on that cut piece of tape, what are the possible number of hearts left?

Math Stars

Watch this video to learn about the steps students need to solve this 2020 math problem!

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  • Egg tart percentage question (PSLE Math 2019)

Jamie and Oliver used $61.20 each to buy some egg tarts. Jamie has a 15% discount coupon and bought 6 more egg tarts than Oliver.

a) What is the total number of egg tarts did Jamie purchase?

b) What is the cost of a single egg tart without the discount?

Here are the steps involved in solving this question!

How To Prepare for the PSLE Math with Practicle!


You can help prepare your child for the PSLE Math exam by developing a personalised study plan that suits their learning style!

Remember, each child is different and unique. You need to cater their study plan based on their needs and preferences.

You also need to ensure that they revise consistently every day. A consistent study routine will allow your child to absorb information quickly and vividly.

Luckily for you, you can simply use Practicle’s resources and it will do the hard work for you.

Practicle is a math learning game that allows students to learn Singapore math at their own pace.

The platform has a gaming structure, using features such as daily quizzes, fun quests, and pet avatars, to make learning math more appealing to children!

Practicle also provides its own AI which tailors the questions that students practice on based on their present skills. This way, your child can focus on what they currently lack and perfect their math understanding!

By using Practicle’s learning game, you can save time from preparing resources by yourself and your child can have fun while preparing for the PSLE math exam!

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