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PSLE calculators – Is yours on the approved list?

Imagine this: It’s the day of your PSLE Math exam. You carefully place your 2B pencils on the table along with your calculator and 2 spare batteries. Then to your horror, you realised that your calculator can’t be used during Paper 2 because it is not approved by SEAB or MOE!

You wouldn’t want that to happen to your child, right?

So don’t wait until the last minute to check if they are using the correct calculator model.

To help you reduce stress, here’s a handy list of all the MOE-approved calculators that can be used for any primary school math exam and the PSLE, arranged according to brand.

List of SEAB approved calculator for primary school PSLE

  • CASIO FX 82MS [2003 – 2026]
  • CASIO FX 85MS [2003 – 2026]
  • CASIO FX 95MS [2003 – 2026]
  • CASIO FX 96SG Plus [2013 – 2025]
  • CASIO FX 97SG X [2018 – 2026]
  • CASIO FX 350MS [2003 – 2026]
  • CANON F-960SG [2017 – 2026]
  • SHARP EL W531S [2010 – 2023]
  • SHARP EL W531S II [2018 – 2026]
  • SHARP EL W531S II Silver Edition [2021 – 2025]
  • SHARP EL W531 XM [2014 – 2023]
  • SHARP EL 533X [2013 – 2024]

Source: SEAB

What is the best school calculator to buy?

In case you are wondering what kind of calculator your child needs for school, all the MOE approved calculators listed have more or less the same functions.

However, depending on whether you are buying the calculator for your child in Primary 5 or Primary 6, you might want to consider getting the one with the longest approved period since it can be used in secondary school as well.

Preparing for PSLE?

Getting an approved calculator is only half the battle won.

Having the right tools to help you with your PSLE preparation can make a huge difference in the other half. Discover how our MOE-aligned gamified learning system can help you and your child reduce stress and get the results you want now.