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Was PSLE Math 2020 difficult?

If you want to be better prepared for the 2021 PSLE Math paper, study these Math questions from the 2020 PSLE Math exam paper and learn how to solve them.

2020 PSLE Math Question #1:

Ring question

2020 math psle ring question

This PSLE Math 2020 ring question is a test of observation skills. Our Primary 6 students are given a picture of 4 rings that overlap each other and they are required to find the total length of the rings. 

It’s not a very difficult question per se because the numbers involved are rather small. However, some students may make careless mistakes in their calculations if they can’t visualize how the overlap affects the length of the rings.

2020 PSLE Math Question #2:

Pattern question

2020 psle math pattern question

For this PSLE Math question, our P6 students are given a roll of tape with a fixed pattern that’s made up of stars and hearts. They are then asked to find the possible number of hearts on the piece of tape when it’s cut according to a given situation.

This PSLE Math pattern question is tricky because our p6 students need to know that there is more than 1 way of cutting the tape so there is more than 1 answer to it.

These questions are all found in Math Paper 2, which is the paper with all the word problem sums in it.

Try solving these PSLE Maths questions on your own and see how many correct answers you can get!

Answer to ring question:

The best way to answer this PSLE ring question is to break down the question by focusing on the overlap between the rings and thinking about that length. After that, try to see how this basic group connects with the whole picture.

Answer to pattern question:

The trick to answering this PSLE pattern question is to recognize the pattern involved. After that, think about the different ways that the tape can be cut to satisfy the given situation.


Were you able to solve these 2 Mathematics questions? We hope that you’ve learnt something from this.

Let us know in the comments below or share your solution with us if you have a different one! Afterall, there’s always more than 1 way of solving any Math problem.

All the best if you’re taking your PSLEs this year!

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