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2023 Primary School Calendar for Parents

Are you planning for a holiday or some family bonding time with your kids, but you don’t know when the primary school holidays are in 2023?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we did the research for you!

In this article, we’ll go through the important school term dates you need to know and the scheduled school holidays you can take note of!

This way, you can keep track of when your children need to be in school and when you can expect them to be at home so that you can plan their time – and future holidays in 2023 – better!

Singapore primary school term 2023

Singapore’s Ministry of Education recently published the primary school academic calendar for this year’s back to school season.

There are 4 terms within the MOE school calendar in 2023. Each term takes up about 3 months in total.

You can expect the new school year to start on the 3rd of January 2023 for all primary levels.

Source: Ministry of Education (MOE)

Source: MOE

2023 School term calendar

Term 1

School Term
Tuesday 3 Jan to Friday 10 Mar

Term 2

School Term
Monday 20 Mar to Friday 26 May

Term 3

School Term
Monday 26 Jun to Friday 1 Sep

Term 4

School Term
Monday 11 Sep to Friday 17 Nov

2023 Singapore school holidays

The March school holidays and September school holidays in Term 1 and Term 3 are a week long. The June and December holidays usually last about 1 month or more, so if you are planning for a family trip, that’s probably a good time to go.

2023 School term calendar

Take note of these extra dates for the public holidays and more school holidays on top of the usual term breaks.

Term 1

New Year's Day
Sunday 1 Jan
School holiday after New Year's Day
Monday 2 Jan
Chinese New Year
Sunday 22 Jan - Monday 23 Jan
School holiday after Chinese New Year
Monday 24 Jan
School Holidays
Saturday 11 Mar to Sunday 19 Mar

Term 2

Good Friday
Friday 7 Apr
Hari Raya Puasa
Saturday 22 Apr
Labour Day
Monday 1 May
Vesak Day
Friday 2 Jun
School Holidays
Saturday 27 May to Sunday 25 Jun

Term 3

Hari Raya Haji
Thursday 29 Jun
Youth day
Monday 3 Jul
Teachers' Day
Friday 1 Sept
National Day
Wednesday 9 August
Day after National Day
Thursday 10 Aug
School Holidays
Saturday 2 Sep to Sunday 10 Sep

Term 4

Children's Day
Friday 6 Oct
Sunday 12 Nov
Christmas Day
Monday 25 December
Day after Deepavali
Monday 13 Nov
School Holidays
Saturday 18 Nov to Sunday 31 Dec

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Source: MOE

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