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Are you considering homeschool in Singapore for your child? Is it really worth it when Singapore’s education system is easily one of the best in the world? Homeschooling is becoming a popular choice for parents across Singapore. With the rise of technology and educational platforms, more parents are leaning towards using online learning to educate their child.

The available resources makes it possible for parents to start homeschooling playgroup students, to homeschooling preschool students, and even homeschooling high school students! According to the Ministry of Education, home schooled children can still attend the primary school leaving examination (PSLE). Some homeschooling programs are even on par with in-person international schools! If you still doubt whether homeschooling or virtual school is suitable for your child, look no further than this article! In this article, we’ll share some of the reasons why parents choose online school in Singapore for their child and become homeschool families! Hopefully, this will also provide you with insights if you are considering homeschooling your child.

Why some parents prefer homeschooling in Singapore rather than school?

The decision to cross over to homeschool certainly isn’t an easy one. But families that do choose to homeschool their children didn’t decide on a whim either. Here’s several reasons on why parents prefer homeschooling for their child’s education!


1. Increase bonding time with their children

Children who attend national primary schools in person spend an average of 6 hours in school, excluding extra curricular activities and supplementary lessons. By the time they come home, they’re often exhausted or prefer to spend the rest of the day by themselves or with friends. Parents lose around 6 hours of quality time with their children because of school. As children get older and advance in school, they’ll have less time with them in the future as well. Homeschooling is the perfect choice for parents who want to spend more quality time with their child and give them the proper education they need! Through homeschooling, parents can be present for their child throughout their childhood and beyond. They can also support their child in learning more intimately than before.

2. Gives them more control over their child’s education!

When parents send their kids to school, they place their faith in the school’s curriculum, teachers, and lesson plans. Aside from receiving annual reports, they often don’t have control on what their kids are learning. Well, homeschooling gives parents exactly that, since the ones who dictate their children’s education are now the parents themselves! Whether they choose to rely on online learning platforms or make the curriculum on their own, parents have the first and final say on what their child will learn. They can form personalized lesson plans, plan more engaging learning activities, and make school more fun for their kids! Home schooled children also tend to have more freedom in learning because there’s no set time limit and there’s no one to compete with.

3. Lets them address any special learning needs!

Homeschooling allows parents to give a better and more personalized learning experience for their child. This includes adapting the curriculum to suit any special learning needs their child may have, such as dyslexia, autism, and many more. Schools should be a judge-free environment and cater to all children, no matter their background or condition. While Singaporean schools do offer that, sometimes it’s not a guarantee. Not to mention, education aside, the social environment may not be a fit for children. Homeschooling allows parents to breathe easier, knowing that their child is cared for, both emotionally and educationally. Parents can give the support their child needs while also catering their schooling to suit their child’s learning style.

A strong reason won’t make you falter

Homeschooling your child can be a very fulfilling journey. Since parents are more involved in their child’s learning, they have a better chance of shaping them in the way they define success. That being said, homeschooling is not an easy path to take. There’s still a lot of considerations and preparations that you need to consider when choosing homeschooling, especially since your child’s education will be your full responsibility. Some of those preparations can be:

  • The equipment needed to teach children (whiteboards, papers, textbooks, lesson plans, etc)
  • The time in your schedule to teach your child (organising lesson plans, preparing lessons, reviewing the material, etc)
  • The logistics involved in homeschooling children (preparing learning trips, etc)

This doesn’t even include the emotional burden in homeschooling your child. You’re practically guaranteed to experience self-doubt, stress, and exhaustion. That’s why it’s important to have a strong reason to homeschool your child. You’re bound to reflect on this reason whenever you face these challenges, so make sure to be fully sure that this is the best path for you and your child. This will help you pull through any obstacles along the way and stand by your belief.

Consistency will be your life saver!

One way to help relieve your future stress and burdens is to make sure you’re consistent in teaching your child from the start! Establish a routine that works for you and your child. You can start by coming up with a list of learning activities and pick which part of the day you’re going to do it together. Once your child associates their studying to a fixed activity, it’ll be much easier for them to do it without procrastinating. For example, you can ask your child to study math in the evening for 15 minutes every day before dinner. Over time, it’ll become an effective study habit and they’ll do it without being prompted! Planning short study sessions can also help your child focus better in learning. You can consider mixing it up with other activities, including using board games, as well!

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