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Did you know that solving questions or math problems daily can improve your child’s knowledge of important concepts in math? In this article, we’ll provide 15 maths quiz form 1 questions – from simple to difficult – that can help your child learn math easier!  These questions are based on formulas and symbols that kids frequently use in math throughout their lives. We have also listed the correct answers below each question. This way, you can have your child try their best to solve the problem and see whether their solution matches!

maths quiz

Addition Quiz

Let’s start with the most basic yet fundamental math symbol there is – addition! Here are some quick math quiz questions to get your child started:

  • Calculate the total of 5 + 7!

Answer: 12

  • Ray bought 10 apples and 5 oranges. If Mike bought 6 apples and 9 oranges, then how many oranges did Ray and Mike buy in total?

Answer: 14

  • If Rachel has 16 crayons, Anna has 20 crayons, and Cory has 10 crayons, then how many crayons are there in total?

Answer: 46 Fun fact – these simple but comprehensive math tricks can also help your child solve these problems faster!

Subtraction Quiz

Once your child can solve math addition problems, then their next appropriate challenge is subtraction!

  • Solve 10 – 4!

Answer: 6

  • If Mr. Dan has 15 balloons and 7 balloons popped, then how many balloons does Mr. Dan has left?

Answer: 8

  • Mom bought 20 books for her children: Mary, Zack, and Jane. If Mary got 6 books and Jane got 7 books, then how many books does Zack get?

Answer: 7

Multiplication Quiz

If your child has aced the above questions, here’s a more difficult concept for them – multiplication!

  • How much is 6 x 8?

Answer: 48

  • There are 15 kids in Ms. Kayla’s class. If each child receives 2 books, then how many books are there in total?

Answer: 30

  • The jackpot of the arcade ball game gives out 50 tickets. If Archie hit the jackpot 3 times, then how many tickets does Archie get?

Answer: 150

Division Quiz

If your child can handle multiplication, then we’re confident that they can solve division.

  • Solve 20 divided by 4!

Answer: 5

  • Scott has 28 chocolate bars. If he wants to divide it evenly between his 4 friends, then how many chocolate bars does each friend get?

Answer: 7

  • Sasha has 300 ml of water in her jug. She wants to split every last drop evenly between her 5 cups. Then, how many ml of water should each cup get without getting an odd number?

Answer: 30

Fractions Quiz

Now comes the most difficult concept in this list – fractions! If your child can solve this, then they’re a pro!

  • What is 2/7 + 4/7?

Answer: 6/7

  • Investigate 3/5 + 8/5!

Answer: 11//5

  • Calculate 10/3 – 8/3 !

Answer: 2/3

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