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Stand-Up Maths

Unlike any other channels, Stand-Up Maths is a channel that includes funny entertainment and also teaches maths. For example, one of the video titles of the channel’s video is “I wired my tree with 500 LED lights and calculated their 3D coordinates”. Sounds fun and interesting, right? If you’re someone who needs a bit of gag, comedy, and fun when learning maths so it doesn’t get boring, this channel might be for you. They cover a wide range of topics that are related to trending and relevant topics these days, so don’t miss out!

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Who doesn’t know the channel called TED-Ed? With a whopping 18.5 million subscribers and counting, TED-Ed is the go-to channel for many people to watch high quality educational content. Aside from its diverse selection of learning videos, maths is one of the subjects that is available on the channel! You can find their math videos in a playlist called “Math in Real Life”, where all of the videos are animated. The beautiful animations and interesting problems will make it hard to wander away from the screen, engaging you to keep watching till the end.


Still having problems with your basic math skills or math foundations? Mathantics is there to help you strengthen your basic math foundation! With their clear presentation and easy to understand explanations, viewers are sure to have an easier time in understanding math concepts. Various lessons on different topics are available, such as probability, units of distance, inequalities, mixed numbers, pythagoras theorem, and others. All of the videos are around 10 minutes long and cover a topic, so you can learn in a short amount of time.

Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids

If you or your child is still in primary school, there is a YouTube channel dedicated to making videos for children in primary grade. It might be difficult to make children study, especially for a tough subject like maths. Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids incorporates exciting elements such as Virtual Reality (VR) and games maintaining a high level teaching quality. The main superstar of their YouTube channel is “Mage Math”, where they integrate gaming components into the video. By the way, if you’re into playing video games, Practicle is also there as a complementary way to study maths. You’ll get to collect cool legendary pets while learning maths! Try the free trial here.


Are you a fan of solving math puzzles or just love listening to math problems? Numberphile, which means “person who is enthusiastic about numbers”, is a YouTube channel that provides high quality education for math enjoyers. The channel also uses a phenomenon or popular issues as their math story problem, such as Similar to other math channels. There are quite a number of topics available, so you can choose whichever suits your needs.


PatrickJMT is a channel that provides math learning videos for certain topics or exam question discussions. If you’re trying to ace competitive exams, PatrickJMT will have discussed many examples of exam questions. Compared to other math channels above who include entertainment such as games, comedy, and animations, PatrickJMT focuses solely on its learning materials. You will be mainly watching him scribble and write while listening to his lecture. It’s perfect for those who just want to dive into discussions and study while listening to high quality lectures.

Don’t be surprised to see other subjects too, such as Chess and Physics. Which one of these YouTube channels will you give a visit first? Most of these channels have millions of subscribers and a huge number of views, meaning that it’s recommended to give you a better time in studying math. However, the topic of finding the best math teachers on Youtube will differ, so you need to choose wisely depending on your needs and your learning style. Have fun learning!

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