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What 2021 PSLE Dates do I need to know?

If your child is taking the Primary 6 Singapore Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) this year, it’ll be good get all the 2021 PSLE dates down so that you’ll know what to expect and plan your exam revision schedule better.

When does the Primary 6 PSLE exams start in 2021?

Thursday 12 August.

If you are a first time Primary 6 parent, you might be surprised to know everything in the PSLE will be taught by the first half of the year. After June, your kid will be focusing on their revision, working on past year exam practice papers and gearing up for their prelim exams.

Prelim starts after the June holidays for Primary 6 and it’s much earlier unlike the SA2 exams for Primary 5. You’ll notice that your kids’ prelim exam period will also coincide with the start of the PSLE oral exams.

Yes, PSLE 2021 starts in August. The other components of the PSLE exams like the Listening Comprehension part and Written papers will take place in September and October respectively.

When does PSLE end then?

The last PSLE paper will end officially on the second week of October 2021.

Here's the full PSLE exam timetable for 2021:

Bookmark this page and keep this schedule for your reference. ( Source: SEAB ) Don’t forget to add these dates into your child’s revision calendar!

2021 PSLE Dates for Oral Exam

Thursday 12 August – Friday 13 August

2021 PSLE Dates for Listening Comprehension Exam

Friday, 17 September

2021 PSLE Dates for Written Paper Examinations

PSLE English Written Exam Date

PSLE Mathematics Written Exam

PSLE Mother Tongue Written Exam

PSLE Science Written Exam

PSLE Higher Mother Tongue Written Exam

PSLE Marking Dates 2021

The PSLE Exam scripts will be marked during the period of 18 October 2021 to 21 October 2021. During this period, all primary school students will be on school holiday.

PSLE Result Release Dates 2021

We understand that you’ll naturally be anxious about your child’s results, just like how we feel for our students.

Although the results will usually be released on the first week of the December holidays, the exact dates will be updated here as soon as further details are released by the Singapore MOE.

Be sure to check back again after your child have taken their 2021 PSLE exam this year!

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