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Thanks to the internet and technology, you can do math practice in different ways and diverse platforms and math websites. Not just through textbooks, now you can access various math practices online through the internet. This article will point out 4 best online math practices and apps for math help, specifically for primary students.

4 best math practices for primary students


Watch online instructional videos!

When you’re studying math or just trying to answer math questions, there are times when it gets too difficult. It’s common for you to not understand a certain theory or getting a question wrong. Luckily there’s plenty of learning math resources that are helpful at these moments on video platforms. Most of the time, math problems have a certain pattern or template, especially if you’re trying to study for the PSLE math exam. Exam makers usually only alter the numbers or change the wording a little bit. Essentially, they still contain the same concept. Try to input key keywords from your question in the platform’s search bar. Even if the question is not identical to what you’re looking for, watching one with the same concept can guide you. Surely, there will be helpful videos to clarify your doubts and upgrade your math skills. This math practice is useful for you, if you: – Are having a hard time answering math problems by yourself – Struggle to concentrate or focus when reading traditional textbooks and find online courses more suitable. – Study better when listening to someone’s explanation – Missed your classes or the math teacher’s explanation – Want to look for similar questions or lesson plans to practice more

2. Use online math solvers for accurate calculation!

Often times, students get the final answer wrong even though they have the correct steps. More advanced math problems require more step by step solutions. That’s why it’s extra important to make sure you’re careful with every step, making sure that there’s no wrong calculations at any point in the process.  There are several tools that you can use to help you prevent making mistakes while solving math problems.  Here are 3 tools for math practice:

  1. Mathway: A free tool you can use that applies best practices for teaching math online. If you want to save time solving equations or formulas, you can copy paste the question or type them in. Then, it’ll give you a systematic step-by-step answer that’s precise and accurate.
  2. Photomath: This is another unique tool that makes lives so much easier for students. It can be tiring to type in long math questions or problems. Particularly, if it’s a question from your textbook. Photomath can help you solve it just by taking a picture of the math problem. It’s very quick and easy, but you need to make sure that the picture is of good quality so the AI can read the question properly.
  1. Microsoft Math Solver: This is also another free tool you can access any time. It provides more functionality and tools from the 2 tools explained above. For example, you can create graphs and access helpful videos to help you study better.

This is perfect for people who: – Make a lot of mistakes in solving math equations – Want to recheck their answers and see if it’s correct

3. Collaborate with people on the internet!

If two of our math practices we just explained cannot help you, then this might just be the perfect practice for you. This might be your go-to solution if you already tried searching for the solution on Youtube but can’t find it, or if you already tried online math tools but still struggle to find the answer.  Some online web platforms allow you to engage with students that have more experience in math. Chegg and Course Hero are the most popular examples for this method, they provide great solutions to people’s questions regarding their homework. They already have a database of answered questions, so your question might just be included in their list of answered questions. However, you need a paid subscription to access both of the platforms. You can try asking mom and dad to purchase their services if deemed necessary.  Other than those two platforms, there is also another free platform that you can try which is called Brainly. Brainly is a similar platform where you can ask questions and the users can give their answers. Please note that using a free platform will also give different quality of answers. A paid service guarantees that your question will be answered by experts, while people in general can give their own answers on Brainly. That being said, take every answer carefully and with a grain of salt! This math practice is recommended for you if: – You can’t find the solutions at other platforms – Your friends also do not know how to solve it

4. Games to help with your math burnout 

This last math practice is probably the most unique practice you can find on the internet. Math games are quite fun and interesting, you can study at a more consistent pace without feeling burnout. As we all know, studying conventionally from textbooks or materials is boring and might cause burnout.  Practicle is a virtual pet game where you can collect cool pets while studying maths. It’s perfect for you who love collecting legendary pets. The questions are related to the math syllabus of primary students. There are daily quests in the game to ensure you visit the app everyday. It functions to make you play it everyday and reward you so you can collect the pet that you want. You can try our math playground in the following link. This method is great for: – Those who get bored quickly when studying – Love playing games in their free time – Those who hate studying maths. This game can make you tolerate it more!


  • Eva Tutor says:

    As a primary student struggling with math, I found Practicle’s math practice resources to be incredibly helpful. The clear explanations and interactive practice questions have made a noticeable difference in my understanding and confidence with math concepts. Thank you, Practicle, for creating such a valuable resource for students like me!

  • cherish says:

    Thanks for the help! I’ll try out these tools for my homework

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