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Trying to make your child study is easier said than done, which is why you need some good study hacks! Study hacks are exactly that – hacks. They’re tips and tricks that parents and guardians can use to better help their children study – and to help them study better. There are all sorts of study hacks out there. You’ve probably seen some of the common ones, such as toppers study hacks, study hacks for exams, study hacks and tips, etc. The study hacks you see across the Internet are hacks that work for students of all ages, from primary school students to college students.  While these common study hacks are effective and helpful, they are not the most suited for children. Why? Because children are simple in their core. They need study hacks that are also simple-minded in its core – simpler than the ones you see often.

What works best for everyone isn’t necessarily the best for children. But with most articles and blogs talking about the same study hacks over and over, it’s hard to find ones that are truly suited for your child. Well, rest assured! In this article, we’re going to go through 5 simple, proven, yet rarely talked about study hacks suited for children that will help you help your child study better!

Study Hacks

Make studying fun!

The first study hack is to make studying fun for your child!

Think about it. Why is it hard to make your child study? Is it because they don’t like it? Is it because they find it hard to do? Whatever the answer is, it all leads to the same conclusion: your child doesn’t want to study. So, the simple solution is to make your child want to study. How do we do that? By making studying appealing to them!  There are a lot of ways you can do this and all of them depend on your child.  For instance, if your child likes to play games, then treat studying like a game!  You can make up a simple story using the concepts your child needs to study and ask your child to figure out answers and clues. Give them incentive, like small treats or prizes, that will motivate them to continue the story, and consequently, their studying! Another alternative is to make colorful flashcards of words and concepts that your child needs to learn. Draw pictures on the cards and give out crayons so your child can guess what it means. By making studying fun, your child will be more eager to learn in the future!

Guide them, don’t force them!

The second study hack is to never let your child feel forced to study.

With how important grades are for the future, it’s normal to feel responsible for your child’s education and ensure they achieve the desired grade. But while the future is important, don’t forget to focus on the present as well – namely, your child’s physical and mental state. Forcing your child to study, while it can bring results, is not favorable for the long run. It’ll make your child hate studying because it’s something they have to do, not what they want to do. These feelings, when left unchecked, can lead to your child avoiding studying altogether. While it may seem like the best and most efficient method at the moment, forcing your child is never the answer. Instead, try to guide your child and be their companion. You can be a helping hand for your child by doing things such as:

  1. Helping your child sort out their homework
  2. Creating planners or study schedules that suit them best
  3. Teach them to understand and solve problems
  4. Praise them when they do well and advise them when they don’t

Set do’s and don’ts!

The third study hack is to establish boundaries with your child!

While it’s best not to force them to study, it doesn’t mean you should give them free reign. We all know what happens when we let children go unsupervised. So, when preparing your child to study, make sure to explain what they should and shouldn’t do. Having these guidelines will help keep your child in line and make them understand the rules. Think of it like this: it’s easier to run on a clear road than some unmade tracks, isn’t it? If you don’t know what boundaries you should set with your child, here’s some examples of what to tell your child to get you started!

  1. Ask for help when you’re stuck in a problem
  2. Finish your homework on time
  3. Eat and drink when you’re hungry
  4. Don’t cheat or copy someone’s answers
  5. Be honest about your progress

Teamwork makes the dream work!

The fourth study hack is to work together with your child.

No, we don’t mean you should solve their homework for them or hold their hand all the time. By working together, you’re letting your child know that they are not alone – that they always have support whenever they need it. Studying is hard for any student and the truth is…it won’t get any easier. It will feel like an uphill climb, with your child having to face harder concepts and problems in the future. School will only get harder, so an effective way to help your child study is by giving them your support – now and in the future. Try to be there for your child. Work together with them. Find out what works and what doesn’t with them. You don’t need to help them all the time. You don’t even need to be there all the time. What matters is letting your child know that they’ll always have you, and that they have your support. Studying shouldn’t feel like a one-person battle. It’s our responsibility to let children know that.

Create happy memories of studying!

The final study hack is to form happy memories of studying with your child!

As mentioned earlier, the best way to make your child study is to make them want to study. And the best way to achieve that is by making studying a happy experience for them. Try to put yourselves in a child’s shoes. If you had a bad experience when you were young, would you want to repeat it in the future?  Probably not. Even adults tend to avoid any negative memories, let alone children. So, let’s make studying a positive experience! You can already do that by following the study hacks mentioned before, but remember one thing: stay consistent. After all, it’s pointless to make studying fun in the beginning only to make your child stress later on. Studying will only get harder from here, so it’s important to make your child love and enjoy studying for as long as you can.  Make so many positive memories that, when they do face an obstacle, they can rely on their happy memories to overcome it!

Practice your child’s study hacks with Practicle! 

Study hacks come in all forms, but not all of them are the ones your child may need. By following these five study hacks for children, you’re more likely to help your child study better for the long term! If you want to practice those study hacks, try using Practicle!  Our gamified math app allows children to study math outside of class and have fun at the same time! It’s a perfect platform for parents and guardians to try applying the study hacks for their children. Try out our 7-day free trial to see what Practicle has to offer!

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