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These days, people don’t have to study at school anymore like the old days. If you want to learn something new, instead of going to traditional schools, tuitions, or offline classes, there is a new alternative called e-learning.  What is e-learning?  E-learning, just like its name, is learning through your own electronic devices everywhere you want. Whether that be at the comfort of your home, or while you’re drinking coffee at your nearest coffee shop. This article will tell you the benefits of practicing e-learning outside of your primary studies and why it’s good to do so. 

Benefit #1: Control your own pace with e-learning

In traditional classrooms, there is only one teacher to guide everyone through their studies and forward the lessons. Almost all the time, several students in the classroom won’t be able to catch up with the teacher’s pace. If the teacher tries to slow down for them, it’d hinder the progress of the whole class. It’s not practical to do since usually, the teachers already have a set goal depending on the school curriculum and they have to be well-paced to achieve the learning objectives.  E-learning helps you to control your own pace unlike in a classroom where it’s set by your teachers. For example, if you feel like you’re ahead of the people in your class, e-learning can help you take a sneak peek to the next chapter. On the other hand, if you’re feeling left behind in class, e-learning is always there to guide you through the parts you’re having difficulties with.  Another phenomenon in classrooms is that some students could feel embarrassed to ask several questions to the teacher. Even though they feel confused, most of the time they aren’t willing to ask questions because they feel shy or they just don’t want to disturb the flow of the class. E-learning can solve this problem because students can simply rewind the part where they’re having trouble with or revisit the e-learning site whenever they want. No more feeling insecure, shy, or nervous.

Benefit #2: Accessible everywhere and anywhere!

Having a holiday in another country or moving back to your hometown?  Worry not, distance or location won’t be a problem for e-learning. You can access study materials literally everywhere as long as you have your electronic device and a working internet. It removes barriers for people who are restricted or unable to attend offline classes due to different reasons.  Moreover, e-learning also improves the studying process for students who are still pursuing their education. Many schools nowadays integrate online learning and technology into their teaching methods. Using Google Classroom, Zoom, or other e-learning portal are proven to aid the teaching process. It makes life easier for students, as they can revisit materials uploaded online instead of opening up their book again. Hybrid learning, which integrates both offline and online meetings to study also helps students who are unable to attend offline classes.

Benefit #3: Study more efficiently with e-learning

E-learning can help you save much more time than conventional learning. When we go to school, oftentimes the curriculum forces you to study certain things you already understand or lessons that you’re not interested in. But that’s how school works, and you don’t have a say in that, unless you’re already in university and have the right to choose the lessons that you want to study.  With e-learning, you can pick the lessons you have a particular interest in or the lessons you’re struggling with. You don’t have to waste time listening to lessons you already understand and focus on the parts that you want. If you want to, you can always skip the part that’s not relevant to your needs. What’s even better is that you can also arrange your schedule easier as there is no time limitation in e-learning. It follows your availability and schedule, so study whenever you feel like it!

Benefit #4: It supports different styles of learning

Not only that, people also study in different ways or manners. Some are more of a visual learner that likes to see drawings or graphics. Some might also be an auditory learner who prefers to hear more information through audio. E-learning can accommodate every type of learner available according to their preferences. There are diverse platforms of e-learning you can choose from, starting from watching videos, hearing an audiobook, or maybe from reading e-books.  If you prefer a less traditional way of learning, some e-learning platforms have also incorporated gamification into their platform. It makes studying less boring and more rewarding since typically there is a reward given every time you manage to answer a question successfully. Practicle uses this method of e-learning for primary students who want to sharpen their math skills while also collecting pets. 

Benefit #5: It offers you a diverse type of courses

Everyone has different passions and interests. Some might be interested in digital marketing, some might be interested in becoming an IT developer. There are many types of courses and lessons you can find in e-learning, so you can use that to your advantage. Certain sites are also dedicated to particular subjects which you can find easily by surfing the internet. You can even get certified by participating in online courses from certified or licensed instructors. A great boost to your personal skills without having to spend as much money when going to a formal education! These e-learning courses can help you boost your hard skills, which are going to help you excel more in your education and even your career. Who says that you can’t be a digital marketer without having a degree in marketing? These days, marketing courses are just a click away, and everyone can learn. 

Still not convinced of e-learning benefits? Once you try e-learning, you’ll realize that it’s efficient, effective, and easily accessible for everyone. It’s the perfect method to add your knowledge and skills in a quick way, breaking down time and location boundaries.

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