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Mathematics is present and applicable in almost every aspect of our life. The use of mathematics in our lives can range from simply calculating bills at the grocery store to designing complex structures in engineering. This is the reason that makes math an essential subject to learn by students starting from primary school. However, it cannot be denied that not everyone finds math enjoyable to learn and study. Thousands of students do not see it as an easy subject to grasp.

Although their school maths teacher is doing their best to teach the children various maths concepts such as basic counting, the study of shapes, and algebra, it will be challenging for them to supervise all the students simultaneously. Math tutors are professionals who specialise in teaching math to students, whether they are primary, middle, or high school students struggling with the subject. It’s completely worth it to find a math tutor near your area!

This article will discuss why math tutors are important and how they can help students find maths enjoyable to learn as they overcome specific difficulties with the subject. If you are still contemplating whether to hire a tutor for your child, here are 7 reasons why you should consider hiring one today.

1. Individual Attention

In the classroom setting, a teacher must attend to multiple students and their needs simultaneously.  This can be a challenge for the teacher, especially when some students require more attention when struggling with the subject. With a math tutor, the student will receive personalised attention tailored to their specific needs.

This also allows the tutor to identify and address the areas where the student is having difficulties and be able to focus on those areas until the student fully understands the concepts.

2. Improved Understanding of the Subject

Math is a subject that builds upon previous concepts. Hence, a student can only proceed with the subsequent concepts if they already fully understand the prior concept. This can result in a snowball effect that can cause the student to fall behind or even fail in the subject. A math tutor can help the student understand the fundamental concepts, allowing them to build upon their knowledge and improve their understanding of the subject. The tutor’s guidance can help the student overcome difficulties and start to enjoy the subject.

3. Increased Confidence and Self-esteem

It is easy for students to feel discouraged and frustrated when they are struggling with math. This can lead to a lack of confidence in their abilities and math anxiety, a common problem affecting many learners. A math tutor can help the student regain their confidence and trust in themselves by providing positive reinforcements such as positive feedback and encouragement, based on the tutors experience. As the student starts to understand the concepts they found difficult, they will regain confidence in their abilities. This will motivate them to continue learning and improving their skills in math. It is important to help students succeed in math to help them build a positive math identity and instil a growth mindset.

4. Better and Improved Academic Performance

Math is a subject that requires constant and continuous practice from its learners. Thus, the more a student practices, the better they become at the subject and acquire mastery of its topics. A math tutor can help students master math concepts and skills by providing them with additional practice problems and online math resources. This can help reinforce the concepts they have learned, missed, or misunderstood from their classes. This can help the student improve their academic performance, leading to better grades and understanding of the subject.

5. Preparation for Exams

Exams can be stressful for students, especially when they do not feel confident in their abilities. A math tutor can help the student prepare for the exams better by providing them with practice exams and test-taking strategies, reviewing key topics, and giving necessary feedback to improve on. This will help the student to feel more prepared and confident when it comes time to take the exam. As a result, math tutors can help students improve their test scores, which can open up new opportunities for school admissions and even scholarships.

6. Developing Learning and Study Skills

Some students may also have difficulties with their learning and study skills. This may be because of their math anxiety and struggles when learning the subject. Math tutors can teach the student how to approach math problems in a logical and systematic way. This can also help them develop effective study habits, such as organising their notes, setting goals, managing their study times, and reviewing their work. These skills can help students become more independent and confident learners, and these can also be applicable in math.

7. Enriching Math Learning

Math teachers in the school follow a curriculum when teaching students. This can limit the concepts that are introduced to the students. In contrast, math tutors can expose the student to the different aspects of math that they may not encounter in school. This can also challenge students who are gifted or talented in math by introducing them to more advanced topics or applications of math. Math tutors can help the student discover the beauty and joy of math and its relevance to their everyday lives.

In conclusion, math tutors are important because they can make a huge difference in the lives of students who need extra support with math. They can act as an important resource who will provide a helping hand in mathematics with their undivided attention. Whether the student needs help with basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, or statistics. A good math tutor can help them with the areas they are struggling with. With the help of a math tutor, the student can overcome their difficulties and develop a love for the subject.

If you or someone you know is struggling with math, consider seeking the assistance of a math tutor. A private tutor can also vary from a maths home tutor to a tutor online. A good math tutor will be certified, have experience, and personality to suit your preferences. Looking for a math tutor should also fit your child’s needs, learning styles, and budget for a maths tuition fee. Math tutoring is an investment in the future of your child. Don’t let math hold them back from reaching their full potential.

You can find a tutor for online math or a physical tutor in your local area. Interactive math games with an adaptive learning platforms are another option for parents and students when looking for an online math tutor. These platforms provide a fun avenue for students to learn and understand math. Another benefit of online gamified learning platforms is that students can access practice questions anytime through their mobile devices. This is a convenient way for parents to monitor their child’s progress.

Practicle is an excellent online and interactive maths tutor for your children. They provide online education and interactive learning to the students, which are the most beneficial to your tech-savvy child. With RAE (Reflexive Adaptive Engine) as your child’s math tutor, they will neither be bored nor scared. The system studies your child’s math competency and tailors the questions to improve their weak areas. Compared to traditional tuition classes, Practicle provides you and your children with everything that you’ll get from online tuition instantly.

Math Games

It is also comparable and considered one of the top math tutors as the system is aligned to the Singapore MOE math curriculum. Try out Practicle’s math playground and see why it is excellent to be your child’s math tutor and how they can help you improve your child’s math skills and confidence.

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