Practicle has helped 1,000s of children:

Be exam-ready without knowing

Do more Math questions than they usually would

Build useful lifelong studying habits

Doing school exam questions while gaming

Forget about boring worksheets or doing mock exam papers.

Practising exam questions is fun and exciting as kids complete daily quests and engage in pet duels! When your child is engaged, you'll never have to nag!

Math games for kids to learn Singapore Math

Game your way to Math success

With Practicle’s gamified practice, kids are more willing to spend time doing more Math questions and learning from them.

The more kids play, the better they know how to apply the Math skills and problem-solving techniques learnt.

Kids complete an average of 250+ Math questions on Practicle

That’s like 3 Math assessment books every month!

Build daily learning momentum easily

Earn rewards, level up your pets and climb our leadership board as you hit your learning goals each day.

We help kids learn the importance of consistent practice and build up good study habits over time.

fun Math games online

Certified for high pedagogical quality

World-class Singapore Math curriculum

Creating happier Math learners everyday

Math was my worst subject but I like doing Math on Practicle because it is less stressful than doing assessment books and feels like a game. It is very exciting when I know I can earn experience points and win prizes.

DanielPrimary 6 student

My P6 had been afraid of Maths since P3, after 1 month of using Practicle, her anxiety level has dropped. She would get on to Practicle and practice by herself. I didn't have to nag! I guess the reward model inside the system helps. My P4 is also "hooked" on Practicle.

Jacqueline YeungPrimary 4 and 6 Mummy

The motivation and desire that spurs from doing the daily questions is something that I have never seen. For the first time, Leia is very positively motivated by herself and that’s pretty amazing!

LynnPrimary 4 Mummy

Motivate your child to study easily

You don’t have to tell them that they are studying ;p

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