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Primary School Singapore: Here’s the Top 7 Ranking

By May 17th, 2023One Comment5 min read

Primary school is one of the stages of compulsory education everyone must go through in Singapore. It takes up 6 years of your children’s lives, so it is necessary to choose the right school and environment for your children. There are many factors and variables that make primary schools a good option for your children. This article will show you top 7 primary schools in Singapore which are recommended for your children (in no particular order).


Top 7 Primary School Singapore

1. CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School

This is a Catholic based girls-only primary school in Singapore which was established from the 1930s. Character and value building is the emphasis of this school’s education, so rest assured that your children will be in good hands. They also use the 3-E approach: Equip, Expose, and Enact. It means to equip students with knowledge, expose them to different experiences, and provide opportunities for students to enact their learning.  Fun fact: St. Nicholas also give development opportunities outside the classroom. The programmes that are available include:

  1. Learning Journey to Changi Airport
  2. Cyber Wellness Fair to navigate cyberspace responsibly
  3. Gratitude notes written to external agencies
  4. Other development programs to implement their core values to students

Location: Ang Mo Kio Street 13

2. Ai Tong Primary School

Despite opening up its school gates in 1912, it was not a co-ed school to begin with. After 1950, it opened its doors to girls and became a co-ed primary school. Ai Tong Primary School is quite versed in its co-curricular activities, such as arts and sports.  Fun fact: If you send your child to this school, they will get to enjoy a diverse and nutritious set of food from the school canteen. Ai Tong’s school canteen includes a lot of stalls, ranging from Japanese, Western, Chicken Noodles, and the staple Chicken Rice. Surely, the school canteen will make your children’s school life much more enjoyable.  Location: 100 Bright Hill Dr

3. Nanyang Primary School

Nanyang Primary School is built with rich Chinese culture and develops its curriculum with rich 21st century skills. They have an innovative curriculum with differentiation in its curriculum to accommodate different students’ needs. For instance, they provide different kinds of co-curricular activities. There are several unique clubs that students can join, such as String Ensemble, Guzheng Ensemble, Robotics, and Artistic Gymnastics.  Fun fact: Nanyang Primary School provides a “Maker Programme” in their curriculum, which is a program based in Design Thinking. It gives students a chance to learn about Design Thinking Model through innovative and interactive activities such as Lego and Makerspace. If you want your children to have a heads up in the current 21st knowledge, then this school might be the perfect place for them.  Location: 52 King’s Rd

4. Catholic High

Catholic High also consists of primary school unlike what the name suggests. It is a government aided school with Catholic values incorporated within the lessons. As it is a Catholic school, love is the main motivation behind their education and actions. You need to note that this is an exclusively boys-only primary school. Their education also goes beyond the classroom through outside activities, such as visitation to the Botanical Garden, National University of Singapore, and National Gallery Singapore. Fun fact: Catholic High supports people who are talented in Mathematics using several programs, such as:

  1. Mathalympics: Internal math competitions held for students in Grade 1 to 3
  2. Mastermind: Internal math competitions held for students in Grade 4 to 6
  3. Math Olympiad Training and Competitions: Supports outstanding students from Grade 4 to 6 to undergo training and represent the school in math competitions.

Location: 9 Bishan Street 22 By the way, your children can also practice math outside of school programs through fun methods such as Practicle! The game motivates children to learn more rather than traditional tuition. Check out the free trial here.

5. Nan Hua

Nan Hua is another government aided primary school in Singapore with Chinese culture rooted in the school’s environment. Their belief is “it takes a village to raise a child”. They want students to collaborate with each other and become a caring contributor in the society once they graduate from Nan Hua. It is their goal to raise potential leaders who serve with their hearts.  Fun fact: As stated, contribution to society is an important thing at Nan Hua. Their signature program, which is the “Life Programme” exists to grow children’s sense of purpose in the society through community services. It is one of their commitments to altruism and civic responsibility as a Singaporean.  Location: 30 Jln Lempeng

6. Red Swastika

The name speaks for itself, it is a school founded by the World Red Swastika Society in 1951. It is the vision of the school to build caring students and raise them as good leaders inside a community. Moreover, they also have an extensive curriculum starting from Aesthetics, Information and Communications, to Sexuality Education.  Fun fact: Red Swastika Primary School Singapore emphasizes on leadership development. With the saying “Every RSS student a leader”, they encourage students to take on leadership roles such as: class leader, co-curricular leader, prefect, and school ambassador.  Location: 350 Bedok North Avenue 3

7. Temasek Primary School

Lastly, Temasek is a multicultural primary school with its students coming from different backgrounds. It utilizes both Chinese and Malay language in their activities unlike most of other schools which emphasize more on Chinese. They aspire to raise the children to become future-ready and versatile individuals. They use the motto “Forward Together” to integrate collaboration within the students.  Fun fact: Students will be exposed to various “Active Learning Programs” at Temasek Primary School. It is part of the curriculum and will give students experience in various subjects. For example, there are Robotics, Visual Art, Dance, Sports and Games, Music, and Outdoor Education. All in all, it aims to give exposure in multiple skills outside classes.  Location: 501 Bedok South Ave 3

In conclusion, every primary school has their own strengths and uniqueness. You can choose your children’s primary school wisely to match with your own vision regarding your children’s future. A little bit of research will certainly help in deciding which school works best for your children!

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