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Planning for some family time? Preparing for exams?

Here’s the school calendar for 2021 to help you plan your time better with your primary school child.

2021 School Term and School Holidays Calendar

Term 1 School Term Mon 4 Jan to Fri 12 Mar
School Holidays Sat 13 Mar to Sun 21 Mar
Term 2 School Term Sat 29 May to Sun 27 Jun
School Holidays Sat 29 May to Sun 27 Jun
Term 3 School Term Mon 28 Jun to Fri 3 Sep
School Holidays Sat 4 Sep to Sun 12 Sep
Term 4 School Term Mon 13 Sep to Fri 19 Nov
School Holidays Sat 20 Nov to Thu 31 Dec

Singapore primary school term 2021

The entire school calendar for primary school children is generally divided into 4 terms with each term taking up about 3 months including the holidays.

You can expect the new school year to start in January. Due to Covid-19 measures this year, the primary school start date in 2021 is going to be on Jan 4 for Primary 1 children while the rest of the primary school levels children will start school on Jan 5.

Take note that the exam period will be in the second and fourth term for all levels with the exception of Primary 6 where the children will be taking their CA1 exam some time in during the February to March period.

2020 Singapore School Holidays

The March school holidays and September school holidays in Term 1 and Term 3 are a week long while the June and December holidays are the longer holidays and they last about 1 month. So if you are planning for a family bonding trip overseas, it is good to plan it during that time.


You can download a copy of these school holidays along with the rest of the public holiday schedule into your iCal / Google calendar for your easy reference.

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