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Parents often ask, how can I help my child get the best exam results? Some think it’s hard work and determination while others focus on practising top school exam papers. Truth be told, if there’s ever going to be one simple answer to academic excellence, it’s consistency.

Why being consistent works

Being consistent simply works because small actions done over a long period of time adds up.

Imagine something as simple as spending 15 minutes a day on Math practice. Although 15 minutes may not sound much on its own, look at how much practice this adds up to in a year!

Let’s face it, most primary school children have short attention spans. Unless they are enjoying their favourite activity, such as watching television, playing games or reading, it’s hard for them to sit still and focus on an activity for 30 minutes or more.

15 minutes is a manageable amount of time for children to stay focus and make some progress in Math revision while leaving room for them to do the other activities that they love. It’s also easy enough to “squeeze in” at any time of the day.

Now that we all understand the importance of consistency, let’s learn how to achieve it.

How to stay consistent

Build it into your child’s routine.

We’re sure that your child would have some kind of daily routine by now. If they don’t, it’s never too late to start. Share with your child how a daily 15 minute revision time is going to help them get better at Mathematics as their knowledge, understanding and skills build up over time.

Illustrate it with numbers or pictures if you need to. Helping them understand why they need to do it instead of just asking them to do it ensures that your child has some amount of ownership and make it more likely for them to follow through.

Discuss which part of the day they are going to carry it out. If your child anchors revision time to a fixed activity such as something that they do after their snack time or just before dinner, they are going to get into the habit of doing it over time. There’s your consistency. However, if you leave it up to them to decide and they don’t manage time well, it’s going to feel less important as time drifts and it’s going to be harder to stay consistent.

Choosing the right kind of work

Why does one child perform better than the other although they have worked harder?

Besides putting in the effort, you need to do it the right way to see results. Studies have shown that there is a strong link between the kind of revision a student does and their performances during an exam.

Let’s compare these 2 students.

Which student do you think performs better?

Focusing on the right things helps you get more out of your time spent, which in turn leads to better learning and performance.

Need help with setting up a consistent revision plan?

Practicle helps to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of every child as they are doing Math questions and automatically plans a set of questions for them to practice on on the fly each day. If you are looking to boost the productivity of your child’s daily revision time, find out more today!

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