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As a parent, you want your child to have a good time. This often includes letting them watch their preferred kids’ TV shows. But you also want your child to not waste their time. You want them to learn and grow in the best possible way, whenever they can. Well, what if you can achieve both at the same time? That’s where educational kids TV shows come in!

Children spend a lot of their time watching the media. As a result, they also tend to learn the most from it. That’s why these days, kids tv shows aren’t just to entertain your kids. They also teach them important lessons in life, from traditional school subjects to their daily behaviour.

In this article, we’ll go through 10 educational kids TV shows that will give valuable learning experiences for your child.  This list covers a wide range of TV shows. It includes timeless classics that children should watch, as well as newly released films that have received a lot of acclaim. By letting your child watch educational kids TV shows, they will have fun and learn simultaneously!

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1) Phineas and Ferb

The Disney Channel classic is an animated TV show. It stars two brothers: Phineas and Ferb. Throughout the series, the boys go on exciting adventures during their summer vacation. What’s unique about this show is that Phineas and Ferb are also young geniuses. Each episode focuses on a new invention or discovery the two brothers have made. Phineas and Ferb take their young audience on a wild ride, accompanied by their pet platypus, Perry. Perry is also a secret spy working against the villain, Dr Doofenshmirtz. Phineas and Ferb is known to be a humorous, exciting, and family-friendly tv show for children. The production of Phineas and Ferb is also led by an award-winning writing team. So, you can be sure your kids will get the perfect blend of entertainment and education!

What kids can learn: Educational topics (e.g math, science, and history) and life skills (e.g imagination, creativity)

Channel & episodes: Disney Channel (189 episodes)

2) Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants is one of the most beloved kid shows of all time! The classic Nickelodeon animated show follows the adventures of Spongebob, a sea sponge living in the underwater town of Bikini Bottom. Together with his band of friends, which includes Patrick the Star, Squidward, and Mr. Krab, Spongebob takes viewers on a fun adventure with the show’s creative storylines and catchy songs! Spongebob Squarepants focuses less on school subjects and more towards essential life lessons, including the importance of friendship, being kind to others, and putting in the hard work. Despite originally targeting young children, the award-winning show is actually suited for all ages, including tweens and teens! No matter how old your child is, they will never be too old to be watching Spongebob Squarepants.

What kids can learn: Life lessons (e.g friendship, hard work, honesty, kindness, etc)

Channel & Episodes: Nickelodeon (277 episodes)

3) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is another animated Disney favorite for young children. Much like the title suggests, the show follows the life of Mickey Mouse and his group of friends in their out-of-the-box clubhouse. Mickey also has a friend called Toodles, who’s a mouth-shaped interactive device that always flies in (literally!) to help the characters solve any problems together. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse educates kids on important skills and concepts, such as problem solving, counting, language skills, and basic math, through a series of interactive stories and quests. They also focus on valuable life lessons, such as forming meaningful friendships and helping others What’s unique is that kids can also participate in the show! Mickey and his friends often direct their questions to the audience and give them time to respond. With catchy songs and colourful animation, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a popular and engaging show for young children.

What kids can learn: Educational concepts (e.g math, languages) and life lessons (e.g friendships, teamwork)

Channel & Episodes: Disney Junior (125 episodes)

4) Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a legend among kids TV shows! The live-action muppet show has been a popular children’s classic for more than 50 years! The TV show features a mix of loveable muppet characters, such as Elmo, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert, and Big Bird, and their human friends. The show teaches numerous educational concepts to children, including the alphabet, literacy, math, science, and social-emotional skills. Sesame Street is also a powerful advocate of inclusivity and diversity. In order to familiarise children with the sight, they always try to incorporate characters from different ethnies and backgrounds. The show also promotes wholesome principles such as empathy, kindness, and trust to children.

What kids can learn: Educational topics (e.g math, literacy, STEM), and social-emotional skills (e.g inclusivity, diversity, kindness, teamwork)

Channel & Episodes: PBS Kids (4,633 episodes)

5) Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is another beloved animated TV show for kids, especially young girls. The show follows the adventures of a young Latin American girl named Dora and her best friend, a young monkey in red boots, who’s aptly called Boots. Together with her purple backpack and trusty map, Dora and Boots explore the lands across her home and solve any problems along the way until they reach their destination for the day. Dora the Explorer allows kids to learn to be bilingual by presenting the story in English and Spanish. It also teaches alongside important life skills, including math literacy, problem solving, and critical thinking. The show also teaches curiosity, multicultural friendship, and creative teamwork to young viewers through its interactive storytelling!

What kids can learn: Languages (e.g English, Spanish), educational topics (e.g math, literacy) and life lessons (e.g friendship, multiculturalism, diversity)

Channel & Episodes: Nickelodeon (178 episodes)

6) Bluey

If you’ve been watching the media recently, then you must’ve heard of Bluey. Bluey is an Australian animated TV show that’s captured the hearts of both kids and adults alike. The show revolves around the adventures of a six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy and her family in their Australian home. Every episode includes relatable experiences that kids can relate to, such playing games, going on vacations, and hanging out with friends and family. But while Bluey has been classified as a kids TV show, its heartwarming stories have also affected teenagers and adults, especially those who have embraced parenthood. Bluey has become a renowned children’s TV show for young children all across the world thanks to its sweet and relevant stories, gorgeous animation, and uplifting messages.

What kids can learn: Emotional learning (e.g imagination, creativity) and life lessons (e.g family, friendship, kindness)

Channel & Episodes: Disney+ (146 episodes)

7) Sofia The First

If your child loves princesses, then Sofia The First is the perfect show for them! Sofia the First is another Disney animated TV show that has won kids’ hearts all over the world. The show follows the adventures of a young girl named Sofia who navigates her new life as a royal princess after her mother marries the king of Enchancia. Together with her new family, friends – both human and animal – embarks on fun adventures and picks up key life lessons along the way. What’s also amazing about this show is that previous Disney princesses, such as Cinderella and Tiana, have made an appearance to help Sofia in her adventure. So, in a way, your child receives an all-in-one deal! Sofia the First teaches a plethora of life lessons to its young viewers, including the value of kindness, being honest with your friends, and the tenacity to achieve your dreams. Coupled with its amazing songs, creative episodes, and realistic characters, children almost never grow tired of the show!

What kids can learn: Life lessons (e.g friendship, honesty, kindness, teamwork)

Channel & Episodes: Disney Junior (109 episodes)

8) Paw Patrol

If your child is a fan of dogs, then their match might be with Disney’s Paw Patrol. Paw Patrol is a recent Disney TV show animation starring a group of six rescue dogs and their 10 year old human leader, Ryder, who protect and defend their community in Adventure Bay. Each rescue dog is special and unique. They’re all from different breeds, have different personalities, and drive their own gadgets and vehicles – yes, you read that right – to save the day. Paw Patrol highlights several key values and behaviours that children need to adopt in their lives, including the importance of teamwork, supporting others, and being responsible for your actions. They also promote diversity and inclusivity, showcasing characters from various backgrounds and ethnicities. Kids are also known to be more creative with their imagination after watching the show.

What kids can learn: Social-emotional skills (e.g imagination, creativity) and life lessons (e.g teamwork, responsibility, honesty)

Channel & Episodes: Disney Junior (212 episodes)

9) Blue’s Clues

If you’re a millennial, then you’ve certainly watched this loveable classic! Blue’s Clues is another renowned children’s TV show worldwide. The show revolves around an animated blue-spotted puppy, aptly named Blue, and her human friend Steve (who is later replaced by a new friend, Joe) With an emphasis on problem-solving, critical thinking, and early childhood education, the show’s distinctive style invites kids to crack codes and track down clues alongside Blue and her friends. Each episode has a distinct theme—for example, letters, numbers, shapes, or colours—and includes call-and-response parts and interactive games to get kids involved. Blue’s Clues is a popular classic among young viewers thanks to its award-winning storytelling format and its educational value.

What kids can learn: Educational topics (e.g literacy, math) and life skills (e.g problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, imagination)

Channel & Episodes: Nickelodeon (143 episodes)

10) Little Einsteins

Finally, if your child is a music lover and wants to be a mini Einstein when they grow up, have them watch The Little Einsteins! The animated TV show follows the adventures of four young children – Leo, Annie, Quincy, and June – as they embark on fun adventures around the world with their flying rocket, Rocket. (And yes, that’s the rocket’s name) Throughout the series, the group of friends use their imaginations and expertise in arts and music to solve problems and conquer quests. The show teaches its young viewers about the history behind several famous music and art as well as focusing on the importance of several life skills, including creativity and teamwork. The program is renowned for its educational value since it inspires kids to grow in their artistic, musical, and cultural sensibilities – a welcome distraction from their usual school topics.

What kids can learn: Educational topics (e.g music, art, history) and life lessons (e.g teamwork, friendship, family)

Channel & Episodes: Disney Channel (67 episodes)

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