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Delia LeePrimary 6 Parent

To my surprise, my child is motivated to practise on Practicle Math everyday! The video explanation is fantastic. It helps in understanding the more challenging questions. Best of all, it's on demand. My child does not have to wait until the next lesson for a teacher to explain.

Serene ChenPrimary 5 parent

My children preferred Practicle to Koobits which is subscribed under the school plan. The questions on Practicle are closed mapped to what has been taught in school. Not to mention similar questions did appear in the school worksheets and quizzes. Highly recommend Practicle to parents if they want better focus in doing the math sums online.

Jacqueline YeungPrimary 6 Parent

My P6 had been afraid of maths since P3 and 1 month after using Practicle, her anxiety level has dropped. She would get on to Practicle and practice by herself. I didn't have to nag! I guess the reward model inside the system helps. My P4 is also "hooked" on Practicle.

Apple LemPrimary 4 Parent

My 2 daughters started using Practicle last year. Since then, I don't have to nag at them to do maths. After a few months, they have improved in maths. Thanks for creating this online learning platform, allowing primary school children to learn mathematics easily at home.

Mohammmed Adib

My younger sister has focus issues so daily and short practices are all that she can manage. Her math has improved and she's beginning to be result driven due to the fun games. Thank you!

LynnPrimary 5 parent

The motivation and desire that spurs from doing the daily questions is something that I have never seen. For the first time, Leia is very positively motivated by herself and that's pretty amazing!

James' FatherPrimary 5 parent

We could see James has been motivated to practise Math much more frequently than the past and truly improving during this short stint of time.

Huifen FenPrimary 3 Parent

My kids (P3 and K2) love Practicle! My girl used to feel stressed doing problem she is keen to do daily and able to solve more problem sums correctly!

JasminePrimary 5 parent

Cayden was not coping well with word problems this year. He scored 68 for his SA1 exam. We then tried Practicle. In SA2, he scored 97! We were amazed of his great improvement and very happy for him!

Tan Yong Chuan

Very clear and captivating explanations to solve various problems.