Practicle’s Math A.I. tutor helps every child SHINE at Math

Known affectionately as Rae, she is:


Taking the time to understand each child’s Math abilities and assessing what needs to be improved


Picking the right Math questions that suit your child’s abilities and explaining how to solve problems 


Always cheering your child on along their problem solving journey and providing support when they need it

Knowing where you need help

Rae assesses how well you have mastered important Math concepts and problem-solving heuristics with every question you do.

Understanding your weaknesses helps her select the right questions to help you do better in school.

Match the right question difficulty to your child’s ability

Never feel discouraged or bored. Each Math question changes its difficulty level according to your child’s progress to ensure that they are always learning at the right level.

If you get stuck at any question, she’ll break down the concepts into easy-to-understand steps so that you can master them easily.

Start loving Math

Rae believes that loving what you learn is the key to Math success.

She turns real school homework and Math exam questions into a fun practice experience for you so that work feels like play. While you enjoy playing, she’s always there to cheer you on.

Stop worrying if your child is doing ok in school

Simply tell us what score you want your kid to achieve in their exams and Rae will do the planning and monitoring for you.

Stay updated about your child’s progress anytime and know how they are doing as compared to their peers with our simple reports delivered to your inbox.

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Helping kids "get" Math easily

I am also learning from Practicle videos and their questions, and that has helped me to understand the curriculum better so that I can also help my child. I actually first learned the heuristics questions from here. Thank you Practicle!

LynnPrimary 5 Mummy

Isaac benefited a lot from the Math questions. He could also find answers with explanations to some of the hard questions. The explanation with animation helped him to understand the concept and apply it in his school work also.

IzzyPrimary 6 Parent

Thanks, I used to be so confused by percentage questions! U are like a guiding light to me. Thank you for teaching me new things! My daddy taught me a method but it was not clear as this, but now I understand!

Edria SohPrimary 4 Student

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