Back to School Guide for Parents 2020

Back to School Guide for Parents 2020: Top 5 Tips

Is your child ready to get back to school for the New Year?

Fun times always whizz by and tomorrow marks the first day of 2020!

In case you are feeling a bit lost about how to prepare your child for their first day of school, here are 5 Back to School tips to help you out!

Back to school Checklist

  1. Bag Check: What should your child bring?
  2. No Homework Debt
  3. Get Sufficient Sleep for a Happy Morning
  4. Minimize the Morning Rush
  5. Staying On Par with the Class

Read on for a detailed breakdown of each tip.

Tip #1:

The Ultimate Bag Check = Confirm, Guarantee, Plus Chop!

A day before school starts, check your child’s bag to make sure that they have everything they need for school

What should you bring on the first day of school?

Forget about a heavy schoolbag, just bring part A of the books for every subject.

The first day of school will involve more admin than actual teaching so your child’s teacher will be collecting books for organization. Don’t worry if your child missed out anything, they’ll have another  day or two to hand in everything.

Next, stationery check. Make sure your child has the basic writing materials such as pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, etc. If your child is in the lower primary, don’t forget to label their names on their belongings to avoid confusion amongst their friends.

Another useful thing to have will be a simple plastic file for your child to put all the forms or materials that they receive from their teacher. This helps your child keep organized and also ensures that you’ll receive all the information you’ll need.

Lastly, all school children have a snack period in school, so don’t forget to also include a quick snack for them to munch on during that time.

Tip #2:

Start the New Year with ZERO Homework Debt

Nobody likes getting scolded on the first day of school and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to receive a call from their teachers to complain about them on the first day.

If your child’s teacher this year is the same as the last( especially the Primary 5 kids ), make sure to check with your child if their teacher gave them any holiday homework.

If they did, remind your child to get it done before school starts so that they can start the new year on the right foot!

Tip #3: 

Sleep Enough to Keep Everyone Happy

It has been some time since your child is back in school, right?

Sure, the holidays have been fun, but when the new school term starts, your child will probably need to wake up around 6 a.m. or even earlier to prepare for school and it’s no joke handling a tired and grouchy child in the morning.

So to avoid the struggle of pulling your child out of bed and putting yourself through the stress of getting a sleepy child to do your bidding the next morning, make sure your child gets enough sleep.

To help them have the minimum 8 hours of sleep they need, start building their routine up to one week in advance of school to help them adjust better.

Tip #4:

Minimizing the Morning Rush

We all know how hectic mornings can be when everyone is getting ready for work and school. While you are constantly aware of the clock ticking, your little one might be taking their own sweet time with things.

To help minimising the naggings and frustration, try to prepare whatever you can ahead of time. Try to get your child’s school bag and uniform ready a day before and put them at convenient spots in the house so that they can pick and go.

Tip #5: 

Keeping Pace with New Expectations

If your child haven’t already flip through their new textbooks, make use of the first week when lessons are still light to guide them through the first chapter of their textbooks.

This helps them have a rough idea of what they are going to study in the new term and be mentally prepared for the new school year.

As many new topics are built on what your child has learnt the year before, it would be good for them to review their weaker topics last year. This not only helps to strengthen their foundation, but also makes it easier for them to pick up new skills and increase their confidence in 2020.


That’s wraps up our Back to School tips for 2020!

Do you have any other good Back to School tips to share? If you do, let us know in the comments below!

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