We're Education Alliance Finland Certified!

We’re Education Alliance Finland Certified!

At Practicle, we care about the educational value that we bring to our children and have received many positive feedback from parents on how they have seen their children change their attitude towards Math.

The Edtech market is flooded by tools that offer, or claim to offer, adaptive learning features that are highly priced and may not deliver the value at the end of the day.

We wanted to help parents make a better decision when they are investing in their children’s education because what skills your child picks up when they are learning matters.

As such, we invited an independent and reputable body to assess our adaptive learning system to ensure that our artificial intelligence algorithms and pedagogical underpinnings are effective and meet global industry standards.

We are very excited to share that Practicle is the first-ever Singapore based company to have been certified by Education Alliance Finland (EAF) for high pedagogy quality. We are definitely honoured to have been acknowledged for all our hard work.

"The solution provides plenty of positive feedback and encouragement and clear goals for each day and for the longer-term. Adaptive difficulty based on user performance and goals is a great asset."

Education Alliance Finland

“Practicle Math has plenty of versatile, interactive assignments of excellent quality. Video demonstrations are well explained and allow students to catch up on things they miss at school.”

Education Alliance Finland

”Practicle includes excellent artificial intelligence that offers versatile tasks to users, Practicle is one of the first solutions that offers really adaptive content to users.”

Education Alliance Finland

What this means for you as a parent?

Our Education Alliance Finland certification means that when you sign up for a Practicle account for your child, you can be entirely confident that your child is:

  • meaningfully engaged in learning, developing valuable Math problem solving skills
  • able to practice time management skills
  • learning to enjoy challenges and grow a positive self-image
  • practicing to take responsibility of their own learning
  • learning to look at things from different perspective and practice strategic thinking

Who is Education Alliance Finland (EAF)?

Education Alliance Finland is a company that specializes in educational quality verification to ensure that teachers and learners all around the world have the best possible tools for learning that meet global quality standards.

The team comprises of world-renowned Finnish pedagogical expertise, university researchers and evaluators with a master’s degree in education. Their Quality Evaluation Method is an academically sound approach to evaluating a product’s pedagogical design from the viewpoint of educational psychology.

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