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Transform Primary 2 Maths Revision into Enjoyable Bonding Time with your child.

Practising Smart Makes all the Difference in Learning

Remember the days when you wished you could skip what you were good at while practising and only do what you needed? Turn that wish into reality for your child with Personalized Learning.

Powered by A.I., Practicle Identifies your child’s Math Learning Gaps Constantly and Closes Them Just in Time to help your child Get Better at Math Easily.

Personalize Learning for Your Primary 2 Kid

We value the uniqueness of every child’s abilities and attitudes. Hence, we help each child realize their maximum potential with a learning path that’s tailored to their specific needs so that they can learn comfortably and gain confidence.

Get a Good Balance of Primary 2 Maths Questions

Practise what’s being taught in school and stay on par with class.

Varied levels of difficulties to suit all abilities

Be prepared for class tests/school exams

Our Math Questions for Primary 2 Help Build Strong Arithmetic Skills…

while our Primary 2 Maths Word Problems focus on Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

Tim and Dan entered an Eating Competition. For every 2 burgers that Tim eats, Dan eats 3. If Tim eats 6 burgers altogether, how many burgers will Dan eat?

There were 20 students in a class. There were 4 more girls than boys. How many boys were there in class?

You are standing in a queue with some other children in the canteen. If you are the 2nd person from the front and the 3rd person from the back, how many children are in the queue?

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It’s More than Math.

While your child is engaged in learning, they learn about the importance of effort and consistency too.