Primary 2 Maths

With Practice and Experience comes Confidence!

What is expected for Primary 2 Maths?

In Primary 2, your little one will be reinforcing what they have learnt for Primary 1 Maths, and go one-step further. All the Math will get slightly more difficult!

Primary 3 Maths Problem-solving

Let’s Make Primary 2 Maths Practice Fun!

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Practice Strengthens Memories

At Primary 2, Math is still more about remembering than understanding.

Even though it is a small step up, the concepts are still new and it is essential that kids have enough practice to build up their experience, strengthen their skills, and boost their confidence.

How Can They Remember Better?

As your child starts to learn things like multiples of 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, and 10s, it’s just like learning the alphabets, your child will need to remember more. By encouraging them to practice on a daily basis, we help them build the strong foundation that they’ll need in future.

Practice smart with Practicle's System

Practice Smart, Practice Efficiently

Your child will need all the practice they need, but let’s not blindly do it and waste precious childhood time.

Let our intelligent system detect their strengths and weaknesses according to the skills they need to master and give them the right questions to practice more maximum improvement in minimum time.

Examples of our P2 Maths Questions

Primary 2 Question: Problem Sum on Whole Numbers

I am thinking of a number. When I multiply this number by 3, I’ll get 21. What is this number?

Primary 2 Question: Problem Sum on Money

A teddy bear cost $10 at a toy shop. If Tom’s mother spent $80 on teddy bears, how many teddy bears did she buy?

Make Maths Practice Enjoyable for your child!

How We Help Parents

Get insights on Math progress

Monitor your child’s Math Revision Easily with Valuable Insights

We believe that parents are important partners in education. That’s why we make it easier for you to help your child better.

Log in anytime to see real-time information on your child’s performance. Understand their strengths and areas they need to work on, how much time they’ve spent practising, how many questions they have done, or even how much time they spent on each question.

Motivate your child in Simple Ways

We help you manage your child’s game time and teach them the right attitude towards learning.

After achieving a practice goal, your child can claim simple rewards from you through our system. As a parent, you can be sure that your child has done the work they said and you get to be that great reasonable parent who teaches them the value of earning rewards through their own effort.

Math rewards