Primary 1 Maths

Let’s Cultivate Interest & Keep Things Light 

What is expected for Primary 1 Maths?

According to the Primary 1 Maths Syllabus from MOE, your child will begin learning basic skills and concepts, such as counting and simple arithmetic skills. Such concepts may not be as intuitive for your child at this age, so let’s keep them practice for familiarity.

Primary 3 Maths Problem-solving

We Make Practising Math for Primary 1 Kids Fun & Easy!

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Start Simple, Start Fun!

To help your Primary 1 kid ignite their love for Math, you can let them do some light daily/weekly practice with our fun and colorful questions.

Ignite the Joy of Learning Math

All questions on Practicle are crafted by ex-school teachers and dressed in contexts that your Primary 1 child can identify with. Solve a question that involves counting Pokeballs or a question on identifying the right shape to unlock a secret cave.

See your child giggle while working on our questions! Math doesn’t have to be boring. Let’s help your kid picking up the Primary 1 Math skills they need and keep them motivated to do more!

Build a Strong Math Foundation

While your kid is engaged in all the fun, just like a concerned mother, our Intelligent system is busy working in the background to help assess their strengths and weaknesses, and auto-selects suitable questions at your kid’s level to help them improve. This build a strong and solid foundation which goes a long way.

Examples of our Primary 1 Maths Questions

Primary 1 Problem Sum Question on Subtraction

There were 10 green bottles standing on the wall. 3 green bottles fell from the wall. How many green bottles were left standing on the wall?

Primary 1 Maths Question on Number Pattern

What comes next?

2, ___, 4, 5

All Topics Covered. Fully Aligned to MOE Primary 1 Syllabus.

See How Enjoyable Math Learning Can Be

How We Help Parents

Math rewards

Keep Your Child Motivated

Children love games. With work that feels like play, your child gets to earn rewards and experience points as they level up their Maths skills. As a parent, you don’t have to worry about your kid not revising their work or not spending their time productively.

Understand Your Child’s Needs Better

We believe that parents are important partners in Education. As such, we make it a point to keep parents informed of your child’s progress. Log in anytime, anywhere to get real-time insights on your child’s practice sessions. Understanding your child’s strengths and areas they need to work on can help you make better decision about their educational journey.

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