Get answers to any concerns that you might have in our FAQs. Learn how Practicle can help you make parenting a whole lot more easier while improving your child’s Math score.

About Practicle

What is Practicle Math?

Practicle is a fun gamified online Math learning system helps primary school kids (aged 7 to 12) learn  Mathematics according to their strengths and be exam-ready.

Who is Practicle suitable for?

Practicle is designed for primary school kids from primary 1(grade 1) to primary 6 (grade 6).

What device does Practicle work on?

Practicle is a Math app that works well on websites. Hence, it is compatible with desktops, tablets,  laptops and mobile phones.


Are Practicle’s Math questions aligned to any curriculum?

Yes, every Math question on Practicle is aligned to the Singapore Math curriculum.

What kind of Math questions can I expect my child to be doing on Practicle?

Aligned to the Singapore MOE Math curriculum, the kind of Math question that you see on Practicle are the same kind of questions that appear in your child’s Math homework and school exams. We have a nice balance of multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions as well as challenging problem sums.

What kind of top school exam paper questions can I practice on?

We have questions that are adapted from Nanyang Primary, Rosyth School, ACS, St Nicholas Girls’, Nan Hua Primary etc.

Are the Math questions updated?

Yes, we update our question bank with new questions every term to ensure variety and that the questionis follow current exam trends.

What are some examples of Math concepts/heuristics that are covered?

Concept-wise, we’ll have the common concepts that are seen in many problem sums such as the Remainder Concept, Gap and Difference, Patterns etc and you can also find heuristics such as bar model drawing, unit methods, assumption etc.

Are there answers for every question?

Yes, you can find a detailed worked solution for every question that guides your child to solve the Math problems step by step using the method that’s taught in school.

What are video explanations?

Video explanations are targeted at specific Math questions to teach kids the underlying concepts and problem-solving skills involved.

Do you have video explanations for every question?

We have video explanations for most of the challenging questions and if you ever need a video explanation for any question, you can always send us a request in the system and one of our friendly teachers will help you out by recording one for you!

Do I have access to contents from other levels?

Yes, all paid accounts on Practicle comes with unlimited access to all primary levels.

Deciding if Practicle is the Right Fit

My child is studying Foundation Math. Can he/she use Practicle?

Yes, he/she can.  Practicle’s adaptive questions will be able to detect your child’s starting point, what basic skills your child needs to work on and automatically selects questions to help them build confidence and improve gradually.

Can Practicle replace tuition?

Yes and no, because it really depends on the individual child.

Practicle replaces the traditional assessment books, top school papers, and workbooks by making them smarter, automated, and more effective. If you are using any of the traditional materials for practice, switching to Practicle will immediately give you a big boost to your effectiveness!

Talk to us if you need help and we can get our teacher to advice you based on your child’s personality.

My child already has tuition. Should I still get Practicle?

Practicle is complementary to tuition. It helps your child learn according to their own pace and they become more self-motivated over time. Use it as a daily revision tool to help your child improve faster on top of your weekly tuition session to speed up results.

Practicle helps tutors focus on the right things. If you want your tutor to try it out with your child, get them to contact us at

Why should I choose Practicle?

We agree that there are many options when it comes to online Math learning platforms. But do your kids love playing them as much as Practicle and how relevant is that learning to school?

Practicle is not just a Math practice game, it guides children towards working their goals and helps them develops a love for learning while boosting understanding. Most of all, you’ll know it works because it has been certified by a third-party body for high quality in pedagogical value globally.

Practicle vs Koobits – How are they different?

Practicle and Koobits are both designed to help students learn Singapore Math in fun ways. Both uses A.I. and big data to identify learning gaps but they do it in different ways.

Practicle looks deeper into determining how well a child understands concepts and heuristics to help a child learn better in school and focus more on the learning relevance to school to better help prepare our students for their exams.

Practicle vs Superstar teacher – How are they different?

Both Superstar teacher and Practicle focus on bringing quality education to children at the comfort of their home.

Superstar teacher focus more on providing mass quality teaching that focus on topical coverage to prepare you for exams.

Practicle concentrates more on assessing each individual child’s understanding of what they have learnt in school to help them apply it to real exam situations. Should any learning gaps be detected, Practicle’s then seeks to help the child close the gap through question-specific teaching videos to help them master the particular skill better.

Practicle vs Kumon – How are they different?

Practicle and Kumon are similar in the sense that the Kumon Method is essentially personalized learning offline. However, Practicle does not focus as much on fundamental arithmetic skills as Kumon. Instead, it concentrates more on the word problems that most primary school children have trouble with. Being online also means that Practicle can adapt much faster to a child’s learning needs and with greater accuracy, while providing additional benefits such as auto-marking and videos for learning and revision.

Practicle vs Geniebook – How are they different?

Practicle and Geniebook both uses A.I. to help kids learn better. While Geniebook is more worksheet-based, Practicle is question-based and offers a more engaging experience for primary school children to practise math.

Using Practicle

Can I use Practicle to help my child prepare for their school exam?

Yes, you can set a goal that you want to hit for your upcoming Math exam and our intelligent system will customize a learning path to help your child reach it. Every Math question on Practicle is aligned to the Singapore MOE Math curriculum, so you can use them to prepare for your mid-year exams (SA1) or end of year exams (SA2).

Can I review past mistakes?

Yes, all questions done will be stored in your account and you can review them anytime, along with their worked solutions and video explanations.

What if my child can’t solve a problem?

They can refer to the detailed step-by-step worked solution that comes with every question. Should they need extra help, they can view/request for a video explanation to be recorded by a teacher to walk them through the steps.

How does my child do their workings?

They can do it in a notebook and input their final answer into our system or input their working into our system.

How will Practicle know which step I got wrong?

Our system uses a complex graphical and hierarchical skill system to track how you are doing. If your child gets a question wrong, our system will attempt to pinpoint the exact problem skill by breaking a question down into components and then testing those individual components. Once it detects a particular weak area, your child will be given more questions on the related concept to help master the concepts better.

Do I have access to contents from other levels?

Yes, all paid accounts on Practicle comes with unlimited access to all primary levels.

How does Practicle make sure that my child truly understands?

Just like how a teacher tests a child’s understanding, our A.I. constantly measures your child’s understanding and performance of each Math concept over time. If your child shows a constant accuracy and speed in their answers to concepts asked in different contexts, our system will be able to tell that they have truly mastered it.


How do I make a payment? Is it safe?

Currently, we accept all major debit and credit card payment through Stripe. We know how important online security is. Stripe is one of the most secure payment gateways and is PCI Service Provider Level 1 certified. Hence, you can rest assured that your online transactions are protected.

What if I don’t have a credit card? Are there any other payment options?

Yes, we have bank transfer, cheque payment and payNOw options. Contact us at or 8754 8837 to make an arrangement.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, should you want to cancel your subscription anytime, you can do it in our system or contact our support team at

Do you have a free trial?

Yes, we want you and your child to experience Practicle for yourself and we’re confident that you’ll like it, so feel free to get your free trial at now.

Do I pay monthly or yearly?

We have both monthly and yearly options. To keep payment hassle-free, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the month and you can choose to upgrade/downgrade/cancel your plan anytime.

Is there a lock-in period?

We believe that you will like our system. As such, there is no lock-in period when you subscribe to Practicle. Enjoy the flexibility of upgrading/downgrading/canceling your plan anytime.

What if I subscribe to the annual plan in the middle of the year?

The extra number of months will be brought forward to the following year. If your child is in Primary 6, you can contact us and we’ll pro-rate your payment.

When can I start using Practicle after payment?

Instantly. Just log in and start practising!

Further questions?

Drop us an email at or contact us at +65 8754 8837.