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General Questions

1. What is Practicle?

Practicle is a Math Practice Website that provides a highly personalized Math learning experience for children. By combining the Science of Learning Analytics and the Art of human teachers, we enable children to work on problems in a fun and supported environment. Accessible anytime, anywhere, kids practice and learn in small, manageable chunks pegged to their abilities, to build up their confidence and mastery over time.

2. Who and what level is Practicle suitable for?

Practicle is primarily created to suit the needs of Primary School children, ranging from Primary 1 (Grade 1) all the way to Primary 6 (Grade 6). Regardless of your child’s ability, Practicle measures the starting point of each child and guides them towards achieving their Math goals.

3. Is Practicle a drilling system?

No, unlike other websites that keep repeating the same type of questions to drill your child into “learning” them, we have a wide variety of questions of different difficulty levels.

Instead, our system tests both your child’s understanding and recall ability and presents them with questions that stretch them a little each time. If your child sees an occasional familiar question, that’s our artificial intelligence trying to refresh their memories and help them remember.

When our system detects that your child needs extra help with certain concepts, we resurface questions with these concepts in different contexts to help them strengthen the concepts that they have not mastered previously.

4. What device does Practicle work on?

Since Practicle is a Math website, your child can do the questions on a range of devices from desktops, tablets and laptops. Although it can be used on mobile phones too, we would not recommend it as the screen would be too small for them.

5. My child is studying Foundation Math. Will Practicle be suitable for him/her?

Yes, it will. Due to the nature of how Practicle works, it is able to customise a learning path to suit each individual child’s needs. For children studying in Foundation Math, Practicle will automatically detect and focus on the foundation questions, and as your child gradually improves, they can also be exposed to tougher questions.

What can I use Practicle for?

1. Can Practicle help my child prepare for their exams? What kind of exams?

Yes, you can use Practicle to help your child prepare for their exams. You can set the exam dates and goals in the system and we will design a customized learning path to help your child reach their goals.

For Primary 6 children, you could use Practicle to prepare for CA1, SA1, prelims and eventually the PSLE.

For Primary 1 to 5 children, you can use it to prepare for your class quizzes or formal exams like the mid year (SA1) exams and the end year (SA2) exams.

2. Can Practicle help my child revise their past mistakes?

Yes, you will be able to keep a copy of all the questions that you have done, their worked solutions and any unlocked video explanations for easy revision.

3. Can Practicle replace tuition?

That depends on your child’s needs.

Practicle replaces the traditional assessment books, top school papers, and workbooks by making them smarter, automated, and more effective. It does not replace the human bond a teacher has with their student.

If you are using any of the traditional materials for practice, switching to Practicle will immediately give you a big boost to your effectiveness. Practicle’s Analytics capabilities is also a good supplement to tuition if they are used together.

If you are a teacher or tutor, email us to get special pricing for your students.

4. My child already has group tuition. Why should I subscribe to Practicle?

Group tuition does not cater to your child’s individual learning needs. Just like in school, the tutor is likely to teach according to the standard of the big group instead of focusing solely on your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, you can use Practicle as a daily practice to learn and improve faster instead of relying on waiting for weekly tuition classes to progress.

5. Is Practicle similar to Koobits?

Yes and no, Practicle and Koobits are designed to help students learn Singapore Math. Koobits provides personalized questions that is suitable for the strengths and weaknesses of students. Just like Koobits, Practicle tailors the questions according to each child’s unique learning needs. However, we measure other metrics to determine the true performance of the students instead of merely looking at whether an answer is right or wrong. On top of that, the difficulty level of the questions is also different as Practicle focuses more on real-life exam questions to better help prepare our students for the eventual PSLE,

6. Is Practicle similar to Superstar Teacher?

Superstar Teachers focuses more on quality teaching to provide students with online classroom lessons. However, Practicle concentrates more on quality revision by quizzing your child on the skills and concepts that they should master in school. We do that through learning analytics to gauge their current level of mastery and help to close learning gaps detected along the way. This is done through providing relevant worked solutions and video explanations for the practice questions done, Also, the learning experience at Practicle is personalized to each child and no two children go through the same learning path.

7. Is Practicle similar to Kumon?

Kumon can be said to be similar in the sense that the Kumon Method is essentially adaptive learning offered in offline media. Practicle being online and powered by computers means that it is able to adapt much faster and with greater accuracy, while providing additional benefits such as auto-marking and videos for learning and revision.


1. What kind of Math questions does Practicle have?

We have a huge database of questions from top school exam papers, education publishers, teachers and experienced tutors.

The questions cover both Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the Math exam, so we have a nice balance of Multiple-choice questions, short-answered questions as well as problem sums.

2. Are Practicle’s questions aligned to MOE’s curriculum?

Yes, all our skills, concepts and heuristics are aligned with the Singapore Math education standard.

Both our content and performance scoring system are fully updated (constantly) according to the latest MOE Syllabus.

3. Are the questions updated?

Yes, we update our database with new questions regularly every term to ensure variety and that the questions follow current exam trends.

4. What top school paper questions can I expect to see?

You will be able to see adapted questions from Nanyang Primary, Rosyth School, ACS, St Nicholas Girls’, Nan Hua Primary etc.

5. Will there be worked solutions provided for every question?

Yes, full step-by-step worked solutions will be provided with every question to guide your child’s understanding.

6. What are video explanations?

Video Explanations are Practicle’s mechanism to help your child learn how to solve a problem. Unlike other websites that focus on learning, where their videos teach a concept in a general sense, our videos are recorded to teach you how to solve a specific question, so they are more targeted and relevant.

7. Do you have video explanations for every question?

Our video explanations are done based on the requests of our students. If you need further explanation on any question, feel free to send us a request in the system and one of our friendly teachers will record one for you within 24 hours =)

8. What are some examples of Math concepts/heuristics I can find in the system?

Math concepts like Assumption, Constant Difference, Gap and Difference, Patterns etc can be found in the questions on Practicle and we will be using heuristics that are being taught in school to solve them like the model method, unit methods etc.

How Practicle works

1. What if my child is unable to solve a question?

We have a detailed step-by-step worked solution for every question for your child to refer to if they get stuck. If they need extra help, they can always view/request for a video explanation to be recorded by a teacher and a human teacher will explain the question to them step-by-step.

2. Will all my answers be marked?

Yes, all your answers will be marked instantly by our system.

3. How does my child do their working? Will their workings be marked?

Children will still do their workings on pen and paper and input their final answer into our system.

In event that your child is unsure of how to solve a question, they can always depend on the detailed worked solution to check their workings and find out where they had gone wrong.

4. How will Practicle know which step I got wrong?

Our system uses a complex graphical and hierarchical skill system to track how you are doing. If your child gets a question wrong, our system will attempt to pinpoint the exact problem skill by breaking a question down into components and then testing those individual components. Once it detects a particular weak area, your child will be given more questions on the related concept to help master the concepts better.

5. How does your system know if my child truly understands?

How does your child’s teacher know that your child truly understands after they teach them? The only real way to know is to test, and testing is what Practicle does, continuously.

Our system is constantly measuring your child’s understanding and performance over time. If your child shows a constant accuracy and speed in their answers to concepts asked in different contexts, our system will be able to tell that they have truly mastered it.

Any other questions?

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