Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure about something? No worries, here’s a collection of common questions asked by parents and teachers like you.

General Questions

1. What is Practicle?

Practicle is a Math adaptive exam preparation system. We provide a highly personalized Math learning experience for students through learning diagnostics and artificial intelligence.

As students work on practice questions, our system diagnoses their strengths and weaknesses and selects questions according to their abilities. This helps them bridge learning gaps and stretches their abilities to help them improve faster.

When students are stuck, they can also access our engaging video lessons and question explanations or chat with teachers for better understanding.

Parents and students will be able to monitor progress and get real-time feedback.

2. Who and what level is Practicle suitable for?

Practicle is primarily created for Primary 5 (Grade 5) and Primary 6 (Grade 6) students who learn by doing.

However, as our skills database takes into account all the required Math skills for the 6 years of Primary School, you can also try our system if you are in Primary 4 (Grade 4) preparing for your streaming exam.

3. Will using Practicle help my child prepare for their exams? What kind of exams?

Yes.  Practicle is created to help you prepare for your school exams.

For Primary 6 students, you could use it to prepare for CA1, SA1, prelims and eventually the PSLE.

For Primary 5 students, you can use it to prepare for your CA1, SA1, CA2 and SA2.

4. Can Practicle replace Tuition?

Not really. Practicle replaces the traditional assessment books, top school papers, and workbooks by making them smarter, automated, and more effective. It does not replace the human bond a teacher has with their student.

If you are using any of the traditional materials for practice, be it by yourself or with a teacher, switching to Practicle will immediately give you a big boost to your effectiveness.

If you are a teacher or tutor, email us to get special pricing for your students.

5. Are Practicle’s questions aligned to MOE’s curriculum?

Yes, all our skills, concepts and heuristics are aligned with the Singapore Math education standard.

Both our content and performance scoring system are fully updated (constantly) according to the latest 2018 MOE Syllabus change.

6. Is Practicle a drilling system?

Yes and no. We do not throw multiple questions of the same type at you to drill you into “learning” them. However, if you see an occasional familiar question, that’s our artificial intelligence at work that helps you strengthen concepts that you have not mastered previously.

Content Questions

1. What kinds of Math questions does Practicle cover?

We have a huge database of questions from top school exam papers, education publishers, teachers and experienced tutors.

The questions cover Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the Math exam, so we have a nice balance of Multiple-choice questions, short-answered questions as well as structured long answer questions with problem sums.

2. What kinds of videos do you have?

We have learning videos on problem-solving skills, heuristics(word problem strategies) and explanation videos for practice questions upon request.

3. What are video explanations?

Video Explanations are Practicle’s mechanism for you to learn how to solve a problem. Unlike other websites that focus on learning, where their videos teach a concept in a general sense, our videos are recorded to teach you how to solve a specific question, so they are more targeted and relevant.

if you need a Video Explanation but it has not been recorded yet, you can request for one for free. If one or more Video Explanations have already been recorded, then you will need to unlock it with a token.

4. What are tokens?

Tokens are a mode of currency in our system. They can be used to unlock video explanations when you are practicing.

5. Will worked solutions be provided?

Yes, full step-by-step worked solutions will be provided with every question.

However, please note that worked solutions will only be available to view after you have gotten the correct answer or have given up on the question (we really do not recommend that you give up though).

Features Questions

1. Is there an order that I should do the questions?

You can choose to select the individual topics manually if you need to revise a particular topic. Otherwise, let our system guide you automatically.

When our system gives you questions of different topics to do, it studies your strengths and weaknesses in the background and trains you in your weak topics while stretching your strong topics, 1 question at a time.

All you need to do is to keep on practicing!

2. Can Practicle help me revise my past mistakes?

Yes, you will be able to keep a copy of all the questions that you have done, including the worked solutions and previously submitted answers. If you have unlocked a video explanation for a question, you can also view it again. If not, you can also unlock it during revision as well.Not really, Practicle is meant to be a supplement to Math lessons in school. As such, as you practise with us, you will be able to close any learning gaps that you have through our engaging video lessons and explanations. At the same time, you will also be exposed to a wider variety of questions that tests you on your Math skills and application of concepts.

3. Will all my answers be marked?

Yes, all your answers will be marked on the spot by our system.

4. Why do I not see the answers straightaway when I get them wrong?

Should you submit a wrong answer, the system will let you know immediately without giving you the correct answer. We do this to help you inculcate the habit of checking your own workings and answer and finding out what’s wrong in event of a careless mistake. This trains you to check your answers during your actual tests and exams.

5. Will my workings be marked?

Unfortunately our system is not able to mark your workings at the moment.

Should you not be able to figure out how a question can be solved, we recommend that you unlock a Video explanation as it will be recorded by a teacher, who will teach you how to solve the exact question using the most current method. In addition, you can also chat with our teachers to clear any doubts.

6. How will Practicle know which step I got wrong?

Our AI uses a complex graphical and hierarchical skill system to track how you are doing. If you get a question wrong, our AI will attempt to pin-point the exact problem skill by breaking a question down into components and then testing those components.

It may take slightly longer, but our system will achieve the same result or even more, all while reinforcing your child’s memory, and being cheaper than engaging a physical teacher or tutor.

7. How long should my child practice on Practicle?

The recommended time differs from child to child. Once your child starts doing enough questions, our system will be able to recommend a daily practice time suitable for your child to hit their target grade by the next test.

Due to the nature of today’s children and recent discoveries about learning, we recommend that your child practices between just 15 to 35 minutes daily, rather than 2 to 3 hours in one shot. Your child will learn and remember much more.