Case Study 2018:

Your child can get full marks for Problem Sums too!

The greatest pleasure we get at Practicle is when children succeed. Nothing makes us happier than knowing how our platform changes the lives of children and their parents.

Hear how Practicle helped Mummy Jasmine and Cayden


What Jasmine Needed

Like most mothers, Mummy Jasmine was worried when she saw the drastic dip in her son’s Math results from Primary 4 to Primary 5 during the mid-year exams.

Coming from a stretched class, she was concerned with him getting a “B” grade.

“He kept telling me that it’s very difficult, it’s very difficult. Primary 5 Math is very difficult.“- Jasmine

Being a working mum with 3 kids, Jasmine wanted to find a way to help her son improve from home instead of travelling for tuition.

She understands that her son is rather playful and has a short attention span. That’s why she was also looking for something to help her son focus better and help to improve his grades.


How Practicle Solved Jasmine’s Problem

Convenient and always online

Practicle fits into Cayden’s schedule seamlessly and he can learn at his own pace at the comfort of his home. Mummy Jasmine doesn’t need to worry about logistics issues.


Identify the Right Problem to Solve

Our system analysed Cayden's Math proficiency skills against the MOE curriculum and uncovered that he needed more guidance on Fractions & the Grouping Concept to deal with problem sums.

Keeping track of performance is easy with our user-friendly charts, Mummy Jasmine stays informed about Cayden’s learning by logging in anytime she’s free.


End Your Worries

Mummy Jasmine doesn’t need to worry about what Cayden should practice as it’s all done automatically.

Cayden’s A.I. mentor stays flexible with learning strategies. It customizes new learning paths for him on the fly as he improves, carefully selecting the right practice questions that cater to his abilities.

Peace of Mind

Jasmine doesn’t need to spend time marking nor asking family and friends to help solve Math problem sums for her.

Whenever Cayden is stuck, he is guided by the detailed worked solutions and videos of a teacher explaining the concepts step-by-step.

How Practicle Helped Cayden

Improve Focus

To counter the short attention span of modern kids, practice sessions are kept short and targeted.

Cayden uses Practicle for less than 30 mins each day and it helps him focus better.


Math Concepts Stick Better

Incorporating proven & effective learning strategies such as spaced-out practice and retrieval learning, Cayden's misconceptions resurfaces in different context at regular intervals to help him recognise them more easily.

He also finds learning concepts more manageable as they are broken into digestible pieces at small intervals.


Be Motivated

Cayden is engaged during his practices as he gets to claim screen time from his parents through our system. He is also extremely motivated to top the leadership board to claim prizes at the end of the season.


What’s the Result of Using Practicle?

“When Cayden came home after his SA2 Math Exam and told me it was very easy, I was very scared.” – Jasmine

This was the initial reaction of Mummy Jasmine after the end of year exams.

Later did she know that she would get a huge surprise when the exam papers came back.


Cayden improved from 68 marks to a whopping 97 marks!

From a “B” to an “A*”, he achieved almost 30 marks from his mid-year exams to his year-end exams and got a PERFECT score for his problem sums!

“I think he is more confident now. He understands that if he wants anything in life, he has to spend an equivalent amount of effort to work for it.”

– Jasmine

Improving can be Easy. Be like Cayden.