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When phones are telling us where to turn, why are we still practicing on paper?

We live in an exciting time when data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (A.I.) are changing our lives for the better. But when we look around, we realized that our students are still doing their work on paper. If we could just digitize this homework, and let students work on them online, what could happen?

Marking would no longer be a matter of right and wrong. A host of additional data could be automatically collected, such as the loci of the answers, as well as the speed and accuracy of the thinking. Applying this, we can get a much finer sense of our students’ abilities, and with A.I., a Harry-Potter-esque practice system that changes itself to suit the child working on it. The result is twice the improvement in half the time.

Nowadays, being a student might just be tougher than being a working adult. Only with this newfound efficiency can we maintain their academic rigor, and give them their childhood back.

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A high-quality Learning Arcade built on powerful Data Analytics

We believe that some things are best left to computers, while others are best left to people.Technology cannot replace real teachers when it comes to teaching. It cannot understand students enough to create the best questions to pique their interest, nor can they design and create fun and lovely notes and cheat sheets to help your child enjoy learning.

That’s why, when the Science of analytics and the Art of teaching meets, Practicle is born. For maximum learning to occur, we cannot lack one or the other. At Practicle, we apply analytics to your child’s performance tracking and analysis, but when your child gets stuck, we get real teachers to explain concepts and solutions through video explanations.

Practicle is not just a platform, but an economy built upon a platform. We welcome the best teachers, tutors, and tuition centers, and help them extend their reach beyond their physical classrooms and homes, so that they might help many more.

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Passion & Pedagogy

The World has changed, and today’s digital natives are no longer satisfied with traditional education. Practicle is founded by educators who truly believe in the transformative power of using learning analytics and gamification to change the way students learn, and empower them to be self-directed learners.

Applying grounded pedagogical principles in motivation through gamification and rewards, improved learning through distributed practice, and more effective understanding through constructivist theories, Practicle is not like other learning platforms. On Practicle, our students improve so stealthily that they don’t even feel it, until they get their results back.

Engaging students and seeing them learn happily is part of what makes us tick. We strive to continue elevating learning experiences and inspiring more students everywhere.

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