Prepare for PSLE Math Smartly 

Give your Primary 6 child the support they need

PSLE is an important milestone in your child’s life.

Give them the all-rounded support they need, so you know there’ll be no regrets!

Avoid wasting time on unimportant questions

Time is short so let’s make it more productive by focusing on the important things that are relevant to your child’s progress.

Since all our questions are already tagged to the different Math skills, concepts and heuristics that are required by MOE, our Smart system tracks your child’s strengths and weaknesses as they practice and chooses relevant questions to train them according to their needs readily.

P5 Math answers

Give your child the best daily support

Every question comes with detailed worked solutions done by teachers to ensure relevance to school. On top of that, if your child needs extra help, they can always view/request for video explanations recorded by real teachers at the click of a button.

No more weekly waits, your child can now revise their work everyday, any day without being stuck.

Revise conveniently, anytime anywhere

Travelling to different places for different tuitions can be a hassle and a logistical nightmare.

Let your child study at the comfort of your own home while helping them build the momentum they need to prepare for the PSLEs. Save time and get better returns.

How we help parents like you

Get insights on Math progress

Monitor your child’s Math performance easily with valuable insights

We believe that parents are important partners in education. That’s why we make it easier for you to help your child better.

Log in anytime to see real-time information on your child’s performance. Understand their strengths and areas they need to work on, how much time they’ve spent practising, how many questions they have done, or even how much time they spent on each question.

Encourage your child in simple ways

We help you manage your child’s game time, tv time or handphone time by motivating your child to earn these instead.

After achieving a certain practice goal, your child can claim these simple rewards from you through our system. As a parent, you can be sure that your child has done the work they said and you get to be that great reasonable parent who teaches them the value of earning rewards through their own effort.

Math rewards

Stress-free, all rounded support, all year round