Primary 4 Maths

Let’s Fine-tune Skill Mastery for Subject-based Banding!

What’s different about Primary 4 Maths?

Primary 4 is usually the year where parents start to hear the phrase “subject-based banding” for the first time. This is where your child’s Primary 4 Maths exam results will play a deciding role as to what subject combinations will be available to them in Primary 5.

We all know that practice makes perfect for Math and many other subjects, but we shouldn’t practice blindly. It is important that your child practices on questions based on their strengths and weaknesses so that it’ll be more effective.

Primary 3 Maths Problem-solving

What Makes our Primary 4 Maths Questions Unique?  

unleash the potential in your primary 3 child

Understand your child Better with our Smart Maths Questions

Each Maths question on our system is powered by Learning Analytics and tagged to relevant skills in the MOE Primary 4 Maths Syllabus.

Besides letting your child know if their answer is right or wrong, our intelligent system also measures how fast they take to solve a question and track their strengths and weaknesses along the way.

Practice Smart, Practice Efficiently

Your child will need all the practice they need, but let’s not blindly do it and waste precious childhood time.

As our intelligent system detect their strengths and weaknesses, it automatically selects the subsequent question according to their needs, supporting them with the right questions at the right time. Research has shown that by practicing at the right difficulty, children can improve the most.

Maths Exam Questions can be Engaging

To make practicing more enjoyable, we take real exam questions and infuse them with fun contexts that excite your child, as well as real-life contexts that make them more authentic.

When your child is engaged in our questions and see the deeper connections of what they are learning, that’s when they’ll start to excel and achieve much more, both in Math and in life.

Examples of our P4 Maths Questions

Primary 4 Question: Problem Sum on Decimals

The information below shows the charges of KidZania tickets.

Adult Ticket – $62 (on-site), $58.90 (online)

Kid Ticket – $35 (on-site), $33.25 (online)

Darius’ father bought 2 adult tickets and a child’s ticket from the ticketing booth at KidZania. He paid the cashier $200. How much change did he get?

Primary 4 Question: Problem Sum on Whole Numbers

Jack had 1120 green jelly beans and you had 340 green jelly beans.

If you wanted to have 160 more green jelly beans than Jack, how many green jelly beans must you take from Jack?

Understand your child’s Strengths & Weaknesses Better

How We Help Parents

Get insights on Math progress

Monitor your child’s Math Revision Easily with Valuable Insights

We believe that parents are important partners in education. That’s why we make it easier for you to help your child better.

Log in anytime to see real-time information on your child’s performance. Understand their strengths and areas they need to work on, how much time they’ve spent practising, how many questions they have done, or even how much time they spent on each question.

Motivate your child in Simple Ways

We help you manage your child’s game time and teach them the right attitude towards learning.

After achieving a practice goal, your child can claim simple rewards from you through our system. As a parent, you can be sure that your child has done the work they said and you get to be that great reasonable parent who teaches them the value of earning rewards through their own effort.

Math rewards