We don’t just do Math.

We grow your child’s attitude.

When it comes to learning, attitude is always the main important determinant of success. We help your child realize that dreams are achievable through effort and we do it one step at a time.

How would you describe your child?


Characteristics of the Playful Child

Views play time and games as the most important thing in life
Does not really do extra work unless being asked to

Practicle helps increase their motivation by: 

Making Math practice fun!

Just like games, as your child does questions, they get to earn experience points and level up too! For the more competitive ones, they can play with their peers and earn prizes each season.

Rewarding them for their efforts!

When they have put in enough effort, your child can claim simple rewards from you at no costs like play time, tv time etc. and we manage them on your behalf.

Characteristics of the Lazy Child

Avoids doing work whenever possible
Loves procrastinating and doing last minute work

Practicle helps builds momentum by:

Breaking up practice into manageable, bite-size pieces!

Your child might find doing work a chore but 3 Smart questions per day can be easily done by most children. Step by step, this helps them builds a habit of revising their work over time.

and boost confidence by:

Pacing learning according to their needs!

Some children disguise incompetency as laziness. Not only do we peg questions to the ability of your child to identify their problem areas, we also help to close any learning gaps to guide them towards understanding.

Characteristics of the Conscientious Child

Generally quite disciplined

Can be trusted to do work on their own

Practicle helps them improve faster by: 

Streamlining the way they practice Math!

As your child does questions, our system analyses your child's strengths and weaknesses and selects questions that challenge their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. No time wasted doing questions they don't need!

Helping them see their progress!

When your child does questions, they will be able to see how well they have performed in the various topics in real-time and how close they are to achieving their study goals.