Meet Rae,
Your Personal Math A.I. Mentor

How would you like your very own Math Assessment Book that Changes Constantly to Suit Your Needs?

That’s exactly what our state-of-the-art A.I. mentor, RAE (Reflexive Adaptive Engine) does! She specializes in helping each child create a personalized Math learning path according to their unique needs!

How RAE Helps You Get Better at Math

Getting to Know You...

As you do questions, RAE stealthily measures your performance against your peers through different metrics such as workings, answers, and timings to check your current abilities.

...bit by bit...

RAE learns about your strengths and weaknesses in each Math topic and identifies specific problem areas that you need to focus on.

Instead of using entire worksheets, RAE does this continually for every question that you do, over a skill map with over 300 skills.

Making sure you progress at your pace...

RAE will then formulate a practice path just for you. She ensures that the questions you work on will be at the right level of difficulty so that you won’t waste time on questions that are too easy, nor be discouraged by questions which are too tough.

Helping you remember what you learnt!

There is no point working extremely hard on one topic in one month only to forget them in the next. As you work on questions, RAE also keeps track of your memory. If RAE detects that you are forgetting certain Math concepts, she will give you questions that help you refresh your memory in that area.


As a result,

you’ll master Math concepts at your own pace easily and gain confidence!

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