Spaced-out Practice is More Effective

New education research tells us that focusing on one topic at a time does not work. Splitting them up and learning them at small intervals makes remembering much easier.


Personalized Practice is More Targeted

Your child is unique. Why are they doing the same questions as everyone else? Focus on their real strengths and weaknesses, and watch them fly.

Accuracy Tells More than Correctness

Your child took a test of 10 questions in 30 minutes. They got the last 2 questions wrong. However, they spent 15 minutes on the 7th question, and only 1 minute each on the last two. Where does their real weakness lie?


Connect with the Future

While everyone else is fumbling with assessment books and test papers, you can make use of cutting-edge Analytics and A.I. to track, analyse, and boost your child’s capabilities and competencies.

Quality Contextualized Questions

Instead of using A.I. to generate lifeless questions, we get real teachers with a passion to set contextualized questions that will make your child giggle while they work on our questions. Pokemon, anyone?

Real Teachers do the Explaining

As powerful as the computer is, it cannot explain concepts to our kids. That’s why, when it comes to teaching your child how to solve that pesky problem, we get real teachers to record their explanations. To perfection. No bad days.


Because Attitude Matters

We don’t just do Math, we educate too. Help your child realize the fundamental truth that no matter what they want in life, they have to exchange it with equivalent effort. With this value, your child will be able to go far in life.

We Really Care

Education in Singapore is great, but we want to do even more.

Let us help you make Math practice more efficient, so that your child has more time for other things, to build a better future.