Smart Parents Free Up Time

to Focus On What Matters

Let RAE be your Personal Assistant

No time to mark assessment books?
Don’t know how to go through the mistakes?

Let our A.I. mentor, RAE (Reflexive Adaptive Engine) do it for you!

Ensure your child is spending time meaningfully and know their progress automatically.

Save Time Marking Every Question with

Auto Marking and Instant Feedback for each question

Know Exactly What Your Child Needs with

Instant Detailed Feedback sent to your Inbox after each practice

Help your Child Understand Better with

Detailed Worked Solutions and Step-by-step Video Explanations

How RAE takes care of your child’s learning

Daily Revision, Exam Preparation, We’ve Got You Covered!

Forget about buying assessment books and top school papers.

With over 20,000 questions aligned to the MOE curriculum, our intelligent assessment book can adjust itself to the school’s pace or go slower or faster to suit your child’s needs.

Master Key Concepts and Problem Solving Techniques Easily!

Avoid worrying about the best way to teach your child.

All our worked solutions and video explanations are easy to understand and follow the methods taught in school.

Get Useful Insights to Your Child’s Learning

Stay informed about how your child might be doing in school.

Tagged to a specific skill, concept or heuristic, every question helps us detect your child’s strengths and weaknesses and take action in helping them improve.

Stress-free Parenting = More Quality Time with Your Child!