Improving Attitude

For Future Success 

Let RAE be your child’s personal cheerleader

Some kids need a little “push” to do revision,

but what if they WANT to do it on their own now?

Practicle is designed as an educational Math game to help kids learn while having fun.

When kids are motivated, they can achieve so much more!

Feel confident

Bite-sized questions let each child learn at their own pace

Enjoy Learning

Collect pets, earn experience points, level up as you do questions

Stay Motivated

Get rewards and encouragement as you learn and get better

Doing Math questions can be Enjoyable!

Grow with the pet of your choice!

Earn experience points and level up as you solve Math questions!

Collect pets of all rarities and groom the best pet in the world!

Fun Online Math game for Primary school kids

Be Rewarded for your Effort!

Build the habit of daily bite-size revision and earn bonus experience points after each practice session!

Claim exciting prizes when you have collected enough experience points!

Pit your wits against your peers!

Stand to win the prize of your dreams each season!

Climb our leadership board for that extra challenge.

4 seasons, 4 big chances to win a gift for yourself and your family.

Prizes this season:

Enjoy learning and Achieve More Today!