Make Life Easier by Automating Things!

(You Know You’ll Thank Yourself Later.)
Traditional Practice

Assessment Books

As parents, you have to fret over what assessment books to buy, how many to buy,  whether to buy whole sets of top school papers etc. each year. Is there a better way to do this?

New-Age Convenience!


Get everything you need from questions adapted from assessment books to top school papers. Automatically gain access once you sign up to Practicle.

Traditional Step 1

Choose Questions

Now, faced with 300-500 questions per book, or 50 questions per test paper, is your child really going to do everything?

Get Targeted Practice by


Our system learns about your child’s strengths and focuses on selecting questions that are unique to their needs, automatically.

Traditional Step 2

Mark Answers

Manual marking wastes time. Imagine how you could have spent that time engaging in more meaningful activities?

Enjoy More Time to Relax


Each time your child submits an answer, a Right or Wrong feedback is given instantly. 

Traditional Step 3

Check Progress

Some hardworking parents analyze the questions and note down their child’s weaknesses. However, does the number of right and wrong answers really tell you how much your child has learned?

Measure What You Have Learnt Easily


Leave it to our system to monitor your child’s speed, accuracy, and answers, and compares it to their peers. See how well they are doing based on the percentile-based score is given.

Traditional Step 4


When it comes to explaining answers, the answers given at the back of the assessment books are often lacking in detail. Who do you seek help from? How long must you wait for the answer?

Avoid the Long Wait

Instant Explanation

Whenever your child faces a difficult question, simply use tokens to unlock an existing video and get explanation instantly. If not, request for one to be recorded for free!

Traditional Step 5

Do More to Reinforce?

Doing questions chapter by chapter, looking through the questions that they had previously made mistakes, do all these help our child truly understand their mistakes?

Refresh Memory Regularly with


Our system understands your child’s abilities better over time. Wrong questions re-surfaces periodically in different contexts to help boost memory and ensures true understanding.

Traditional Step 6

No Motivation

What do you do to motivate your kids to do work? It is a blessing if our child is self-motivated, but most of our children need some form of push. Have you found out what works for your child yet?

Get to Know Your Child Better


By doing questions, your child uses their effort to earn Thinky Points in Practicle. Choose to exchange them for the rewards they want – play time, stationery and other goodies!

End Result:

Improve by 5 Marks

End Result:

Improve by 30 Marks

So much hassle and time wasted on doing unnecessary questions for an improvement of 5 marks.

Due to optimized practice and strengthened recall ability, your child will improve much more in less time.