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Learn how Cayden got from 68 to 97 marks in 3 months without tuition

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Be it Problem Sums, Rate & Speed, or the Assumption Method, let our intelligent system pin-point your child’s weaknesses and help them improve with laser-sharp focus.

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We are so confident with our system, that if your child does not improve at last one grade, we will give you a refund.

“I just decided to try Practicle out since it was only $10/mth. When Cayden came home after his SA2 Math Exam and told me that it was very easy, I was very scared.”

Mdm Jasmine Teh,
Cayden’s Mum

Cayden only scored 68 marks in SA1…

Jasmine was worried about his results but she was grappling with whether to get him a tutor. You can see that he is generally weaker in Paper 2.

“I don’t really want to give Cayden tuition because I really want him to develop the ability to learn on his own. I feel that it is more long-lasting and it’s a skill I want him to have in future.”

Mdm Jasmine Teh,
Cayden’s Mum

Cayden joined Practicle in July…

Over the course of 3 months, Cayden did a few questions each day. By the time he sat for his SA2 paper, he had already done about 500 questions.

“I keep a notebook that records Cayden’s daily efforts in practising Maths on Practicle. When he completes the target I set for him, I’ll reward him with the thing he loves most – Game Time! I realised this works very well for him.”

Mdm Jasmine Teh,
Cayden’s Mum

…and he scored 97 marks in SA2!

Cayden scored full marks for his Paper 2, and lost 3 marks in his Paper 1 due to careless mistakes. He could have scored a perfect score!

“I was totally shocked when he got his exam paper back!”

Mdm Jasmine Teh,
Cayden’s Mum

Cayden also topped the Season!

When Cayden realized that he had a chance to be the top in Practicle’s Season, he motivated himself and worked even harder to make sure he would win the Nintendo Switch.

“He understands that if he wants anything in life, he has to spend an equivalent amount of effort to work for it.”

Mdm Jasmine Teh,
Cayden’s Mum

“It just works.”

Cayden’s story is just one of many.

Imagine what Kumon has been doing for over 60 years, but then we apply the power of computers and the latest research, and you get 10x the results.

Our RadioActive Engine™ works unlike any other adaptive learning system out there, and our results prove it.

We made it even easier for You

In order to motivate Cayden, Jasmine used a notebook to keep track of her points system to reward him for his work.

We have now built this system right into Practicle. As your child works on questions, they will earn Thinky Points which they will use to redeem addition screen time, from you!

If you are going to let your child play games or use iPad anyway, turn that into a reward to motivate your child to earn it through their own efforts!

Try us today!

We are so confident with our system, that if your child does not improve at least one grade, we will give you a refund.